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Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Perro Blanco

The white Sibe at the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter came off their website sometime Thursday evening. Which is odd because they were only open for about another hour after the Human Assistant left there. Hopefully the young 'un went to a nice home!

There's a notice on craigslist that's pretty close in description and in the right area. But H.A. double checked, and a few details don't match.

white Sibe photo #1581 Anyway.

H.A. said he didn't want to waste these pictures.

(Plus, we have a medical question.)

The shelter's visiting area has three cubicles.

All that's in them is a bench attached to the wall.

This cubicle only has half a bench.

H.A.'s not very observant.

There's a sign on the cubicle door that says, DO NOT USE THIS AREA

Is Perro Blanco pretending to look for the sign?

Is he a ham for the camera?  ​Hmmpf!  ​It's a good thing that the H.A. didn't fall for this trick!

white Sibe photo #1582 white Sibe photo #1583
white Sibe photo #1584 white Sibe photo #1585

So here's the medical question. What are these wounds on the backs of Perro Blanco's ears? Click on the photos to get bigger views.

The same thing is on both ears in the same place. It doesn't go all the way to the edge of them. Maybe Perro's ears are furrier out there. Mine aren't. But H.A. says my ears are a little bit thicker at the edge. Maybe his are too.

(Maybe Perro Blanco's are thicker there, too! ::big Husky grin::)

So H.A.'s thinking frostbite. If anydoggy or their humans have an idea, please let us know!

white Sibe's ear wounds one of white Sibe's ear wounds

The wounds look like they're healing. The skin isn't open. I wonder how long something like this takes to heal? Perro got picked up December 8. I wonder how long he was out wandering around?

Here are the temperatures for the month before Perro was found. For anyone who's interested. They're from Accuweather.

Date High Low
10 72° 47°
11 69° 38°
12 52° 34°
13 70° 35°
14 41° 18°
15 65° 19°
16 68° 40°
17 58° 37°
18 68° 41°
19 76° 49°
20 53° 27°
21 27°   8°
22 29°   8°
23 24° 14°
24 41° 14°
25 56° 22°
26 43° 20°
27 65° 21°
28 36° 17°
29 46° 15°
30 30° 12°
1 38° 19°
2 44° 17°
3 62° 23°
4 72° 42°
5 51° 27°
6 52° 34°
7 39° 27°
8 28°   6°

So that's it for now. Everydoggy keep your ears warm! We had snow on Friday! We're sending it east!



C said...

Hey Maddox's mum here on her blog--zooming over from Sibernet. I hope this fellow did find a home--I love his name! If I ever have a white Sibe, I may just snatch that.

Maybe the poor guy hurt his ears during an escape attempt. At least they are healing. He is lovely.

Tucker said...

Linda from SIBERNET suggested fly bites. This sounds like the right timing.

The Human Assistant is going to check on what happened to White Boy.

But really, a Spanish name for a Siberian Husky? Sheesh!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh he is cute!!! And is certaintly a ham for the camera. Did you confirm if it was fly bites? Is there anything that can be put on his ears to help it heal.. or is it mostly scarred over?