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Monday, December 10, 2007


No, Mister Ed didn't appoint Miss Cellanea as the new Human Assistant. Just so you know.

Tippy, he said that he wouldn't come spray you with citronella even though you teased me.  ​​::big Husky scowl::

I don't know what propriates are, but he said that it wouldn't be a propriate. Plus, he said, you live with a leagle beagle. I've looked at your dogster page. I didn't see any beagles. So I don't know what that's about, either.

He says he also wouldn't want to accidentally get Benny or Moey.

little dog with birthday treatsAnd he would not want Minky after him!

So this picture is a piece offering.

A piece of cake, a piece of ... whatever that other stuff is.

H.A. says that MaxFund looked like this on Saturday during the open house.

Except for the candles and "Happy Birthday!"

Dogs and bake sale everywhere!

And possibly a few cats and people.

I'm not sure that's a Pom like Minky in the picture. It's hard for me to tell. And the Pomeranian picture at the American Kennel Club looks like a Chow Chow.

Tucker:  Ooh, yum! Is it time for evening chow?
mr_ed:  Not yet.

But anyway. H.A. says he doesn't want to keep Lucy. He wants this happy, lively girl to go to a family. Maybe, hopefully, with kids.

But, at least, people who'll run and play with her and love to comb her tangly Spaniel fur and have a doggy door where she can go in and out without going around a grumpy Siberian Husky.

Hey! I didn't say to write that!


A while back either Mr. Barlow or maybe the Platoon of Four said that the Army of Four said that "slightly fattened russian female dogs are healthier than skinny american dogs."

We only know of three Russian dogs by name. Shakal (Jackal) iz Solov'ev is in Canada. We hope we can meet him someday, but he's 15.5 now. Anyway, he's not female! As his mates can tell you.

The other two were in Spain. We don't know where they are now. One is Shakal's brother, Shapochka (Hood, or Little Hat) iz Solov'ev. Also not female! The other is Zholtaja (Golden) iz Sibrt. Born in the Czech Republic of Russian parents. She at least is female.

So anyway. We're pretty sure that Шакал (Shakal) is healthy. But he's a boy and he's in Canada and that's all we know about that.


Just a reminder: cats are not the friends of dogs!

kitten steals piece of paper

-- photo of party from itchmo
-- "moar funny pictures" frm icanhascheezburger



Kapp pack said...

Glad to hear Lucy will be finding a furever home soon....just in time for you to hog all the Christmas presents yourself!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Holly said...

I'm not sure which looks tastier, the Pom, or the treats.


Minky, the yappetizer, said...

Thanks for the piece offering, Mr. Ed! I love cake, and don't get it often enough! Mom went to the Maxfund bake sale and brought home some chocolate chip cookies. I don't understand why she's not sharing them. She brought me some chicken flavored treats, but I'd rather have cookies!

Mom also said to tell you that she inadvertently used a word she learned from your blog -- "yappetizers" -- while she was doing the dog handling part of the MF volunteer orientation the other day. One of the new volunteers gave her a scowl and said, "That's not nice!" Teehee!