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Friday, December 14, 2007

Things not what they seem

Blogster tried to say this was blog #200.

Nuh-uh. Couldn't be. It was counting the posts that got posted and the posts that didn't get posted.

I made the Human Assistant erase the drafts. So now this is #190. Unfortunately, #100 is now #99.  

Ceremonial South Pole Geographic South Pole Roald Amundsen in Antarctica Turning now from draft blogs to draft dogs... some anniversaries!

Happy 96th of Amundsen reaching the South Pole!

It looked like he was going to explore the North Pole but he changed his mind.

It looked like Scott would make the South Pole and back, but he didn't.

Happy 49th of the Soviets reaching the South Pole of Inaccessibility!

It might seem hard to get to the real South Pole, but it's even harder to get to the SPoI.

Treshnikov's expedition also went to the South Geomagnetic Pole.

It might seem like this is the same as the South Magnetic Pole, but it's not.

Also ... happy 2nd of the Spanish Transantarctic Expedition reaching a slightly different SPoI.


By the way, that first picture (see again) is a fake South Pole!

It's not completely fake. It's the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

You can get your picture taken there.

It might be a more convincing view than at the real South Pole.


We shoulda posted this earlier.

So everydoggy could spend the day celebrating!

But hopefully the humans will hand out treats anyway.

Happy expeditioning!


-- all photos from Wikipedia


Holly said...

Aren't they suppose to have one of those at the North Pole too, where Santa Claws lives?

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

That Hbbb is just sooooo dense and silly SOMETIMES!

We all know it is Santa KHLAWS!

Tsk Tsk!