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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Pikes Peak from Bijou St.
Pikes Peak!
west of Colorado Springs
The Human Assistant has to drive to "The Springs" and back this afternoon.

And he's not going to take me!


Sunday night and Monday night H.A. was playing with hot dogs.

Jumbo dogs! (No jokes about my weight!  ​Grrrrr!)

He took 'em out of big bags and put 'em in little bags.

We sat around and woooood and barked and begged.

But he didn't give us any!

Then Tuesday he took 'em out of the fridge. Again. We sat around and woooood and barked and begged. Again! But he still didn't give us any!

Then he took 'em to the shelter.  ​82 pounds of hot dogs, beef patties, and Milk-Bones!

Woooo doggies! The four of us coulda had a feast! But H.A. says there are 20 times more dogs at the shelter than here at the house. Some of them don't feel like eating.

I can't imagine that!

But they get the beef patties. And maybe kitties do, too. The hot dogs are for hiding medicine. H.A. tried that here, but he was pretty clumsy at it.

The Milk-Bones ... well, some doggies at the shelter can't have treats. But most of the rest of them like the Milk-Bones.

H.A. took Large ones to the shelter. Lucy and I like those. Sometimes Gremlin does, too. But Sinjin doesn't. He holds out for the Senior ones. Sometimes Gremlin does, too.

But Senior Milk-Bones only come in a box big enough for one medium-size dog for one month. So it's easy to run out. Nyah nyahhh, Sinjin! H.A. brings home Large Milk-Bones in gi-normous boxes! Ten times bigger!

So I guess the shelter doggies got a couple of those. Plus beef patties in four huge bags. And what really got our noses twitching - 40 little bags of jumbo hot dogs!

Wieners for the wiener dog.  ​Heh!  ​Or whoever needs 'em.

I guess we can't complain about our medi-treats. Turkey slices and peanut butter. Can't complain 'cause it doesn't do any good! H.A. just thinks we need to go out!  ​Sheesh!

-- photo by David Shankbone from Wikipedia



The Army of Four said...

I get a pill every night now in some CHEESE! And everysibe else gets a placebo stuck in CHEESE! It's great. My pills are helping my nervous tummy and the placebos are doing wonders for everysibe else.
Play bows,

Thor said...

At least your HA likes to help out doggies in need. So many humans don't! Still, you should get at least a bite of hot dog!! Oh, and Mama says thank you for the link to Mountain's site!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

All this talk of food has me hungry for some of my own snakhkies!


Kapp pack said...

How could he get all that delectable food together and not give you any????? That's so not fair!

Woo woo, KA

Minky said...

I thank you, Mr. Ed, and so do all my brothers and sisters at MaxFund!! You are so wonderful to fill up the freezer there with so much wonderful MEAT!

Come to think of it, I've never had a hot dog. I'm going to go pee on the carpet in protest!

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