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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spotting the sun

Have you spotted the sun lately? Because the sun needs more spots! Without enough spots to cover it, the sun gets cold. Then the earth gets cold. So the sun needs hot spots!

These aren't like doggy hot spots. The sun's supposed to have spots! Like a Dalmation, almost!

Otherwise we get snow in the summer. Like today! Okay, it's not quite summer yet. Because then I would have apples! Not just apple flowers. But we did get the tiniest snow storm today. Which is Saturday. Or was. Depending on when you read this!

The snow is almost invisible in these little pictures. Click on them to see bigger ones! Except for the apple flower. That was two days ago. It wasn't snowing then. But there's snow in the other pictures.

closeup of apple blossom
First apple blossom of spring.
Lucy & Gremlin in light snowfall
But not all that's white is blooming!
Lucy looks up
I love the smell of snowfall!
Gremlin with tongue out
Not enuff of it to eat today.
Lucy snarfs grass
Eat grass!
Gremlin looks away
Yeah, yeah.

(The Human Assistant says there's also the original article about sunspots and a two-part argument against that ... and probably more. For those who like to read about these things.)



The Army of Four said...

It looked like snow here the other day - but it was just the wind blowing the blooms off the redspire pear tree! Hee hee hee!

Anonymous said...

We were supposed to get flurries tonight, but the weather people have since changed their minds.

I can look at the viburnum flowers and think of snow, though.

Oooh--apples are coming!


Holly said...

I wish the sun spots would keep things from getting TOO hot though. Winter, spring, and fall is all I need.


Thor said...

Your HA takes really good pictures!