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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lucy's bad example

photo of Corgi from Wikipedia
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Sinjin here!

We need to change the name of this blog!

How about, "Sinjin Lets Tucker Talk Back!"  ::Arr arr::

I'll admit that I went grazing in Lucy's and Gremlin's dinner bowls, and the Big Guy surprised me, and I swung around real fast, and Lucy got a bit excited about that.

Well, hey. It happens.

I'm not for-sure certain that Lucy bit Tucker, though. Maybe she snagged him with a claw. (Or, as Agent 86 would say, a craw.) But as Tucker would say, Anyway....

Hey ... does that dog in the picture up there look like a herding dog to you? The breed comes from Wales, and that's what it's supposed to be! Maybe the pre-Celtic Welsh had armadillo ranches, or something!

Okay. But! Does it look like a water dog?  These are water dogs:

photo from Wikipedia
Duck-Tolling Retriever
photo from Wikipedia
Flat-Coated Retriever
photo from Wikipedia
Portuguese Water Dog
photo from Wikipedia
Irish Water Spaniel
photo from Wikipedia
photo from Wikipedia
Labrador Retriever

Lucy went to visit a family that might be interested in adopting her. She and the Big Guy met Wally (like the Corgi up top) and his mom, and then they went to their house and met the dad and daughter.

What a great place! Too bad BG forgot he had his camera in the car!

The house is next to a lake, and Lucy watched ducks swimming around! Their fence is only 3 feet high, and Lucy stood up and put her paws on the top rail. She probably wouldn't jump over, but that's a bit of a question.

Then when she ran ran ran from the fence back to the house, she was so happy to be stretching her legs! And she rolled and rolled in the grass! It was like all those happy photos in her dogster portfolio!

And then...!

The family has an itty-bitty pond about 5 or 6 feet across. Lucy just waded right in! The scene looked just like that Flat-Coat in the picture just above here! (Except for not being as large a pond.) Water up to her tummy and everything!

And then...!

Lucy walked on out of the pond, and Wally started to walk right in! If they'd let him, he'd have looked like a submarine with legs! If you could've seen him, but you couldn't have because he would've been all the way under the water with no periscope. That wouldn't have been good! Although maybe, if he could keep his eyes above water, he'd look like a Corgidile!

Wally's mom said he had never tried to go into their pond before!

Was Lucy being a bad role model, or what? Later she waded through the pond again, and Wally tried to go again, and his mom stopped him again. Poor little guy! Led astray by a female!!!

The family wants a companion for Wally. They said he doesn't really pal around with other dogs, but they don't want him to feel lonely while they're away from the house. Well, I'd say he was kind of interested in palling around with Lucy. Not tons. Not like he wanted to play with her. But he did follow her around some and ran across the yard behind her.

Lucy was the Ice Maiden, like always. "Oh, hello little doggy. Nice to meet you." Then off she goes. So that may not be enough palling around to suit the family. Plus, there's the fence. And the dad doesn't really want another dog.

So, who knows what will happen? The BG was a little worried about the fence. He's not sure how Lucy will deal with ducks and geese once she gets used to the idea of them being there. Watch them? Chase them? Jump the fence? Dig under it or push through? It's not a super-sturdy setup.

We'll have to wait and see.

Speaking of MaxFund foster dogs ... and Tucker doesn't know yet and you didn't hear it from me ... Simon.  Shhh!

-- photos from Wikipedia


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Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Paws khrossed for Lucy - but if Life With Wally ISN'T meant to be, she'll always have WOO to pikhk on!