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Monday, April 21, 2008

Wrapping up snow

Okay. Thanks for interrupting, Sinjin! We need to wrap up this talk about the last snow. It's been three days. No use letting it linger. Like three-​day-​old fish.

Speaking of snarfing. Oh, yeah. We'll talk about snarfing, all right. After a few photos.

Question. What could Gremlin do Thursday morning that she couldn't do Thursday afternoon? Two words. Both start with "sn." And knowing Gremlin, there's an arf! in there too:

Sinjin sniffs the air
I love the smell of snowfall....
Gremlin bites at snow
I love to eat it!
Gremlin snarfs snow
::snarf snarf snarf::
Gremlin licks snow
back yard with snow
8:59 a.m.
back yard after snow melts
2:59 p.m.
Tucker walks up snowy hill
♩♩♫ I walk alone, can't you see.... ♩♫♩♩
Sinjin walks up hill after snow melts
♩♪♩♪♪ Doo be doo be doo.... ♩♪♩♪♪
Sinjin walks away from Tucker and Lucy
Dog, who called that conference?
Sinjin looks back at Tucker and Lucy
There's no neighborcat there!

Anyway. Let me explain why Lucy bit my ear.

It's Sinjin's fault!

He and I usually finish eating first. Then sometimes I go edge Lucy away from her bowl. But not very often.

But that night Slim Jim beat me to it! He was munching Lucy's food! The Human Assistant pushed him away, and Lucy went back to eating.

Then he (Sinjin) went and got into Gremlin's bowl! H.A. snagged him from behind. Sinjin twisted around real fast and made a move for H.A.'s hand.

Not that Sinjin bit H.A. or anything. But Lucy goes Laura Croft when somedoggy does more than just back talk to H.A. He had to calm her down and tell her it was okay. She could go back to eating.

So then I came along to graze out of Lucy's bowl. And she hadn't got all the Rambones out of her system. So she took it out on me! Instead of on Sinjin like she should have.

And counter surfing. Give me a break! I almost never counter-surf! I leave the bread alone! I leave the potato chips alone! But meat? Those who can, do. Those with bad hips or spine, don't.

An' dat's da name of dat tune.


Rambones: Rambo hormones


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


And we are supposed to believe YOU bekhause???


Kapp pack said...

Well, at least you got snow!!!!

Woo woo, KA

Thor said...

Sigh. That's why Mama feeds us in our crates. LeeLee would eat EFURRYPUPPY'S food if she could!


Minky said...

Ms. Gremlin, you are so cute! If I were a big dog, I'd want to look like you.

Holly said...

We all love to eat snow too! It's too bad your lovely snow left too soon.

Sorry about the food fights. Those are no fun. It has happened a few times here, mostly because I want the food that Abby didn't finish, then Abby decides she wants it. Luckily, it has only happened a couple times. We now get fed in seperate rooms and mom and dad keep a close eye on us.

I would steal the meat off the counter too.