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Friday, April 18, 2008


The Human Assistant took about ninety-eleven pictures of the snow yesterday and the day before. Which he then had to admire. And fiddle with. And choose. And upload. Which is why we didn't have a post ready this morning.

Yesterday the Big Blond (four-legged) Doofus had pictures of it snowing not very hard Wednesday afternoon. Here are some from Wednesday evening. After a few more hours of snow:

Sinjin wipes at his eye
Aack!   Snowflake … in ... eye!
Tucker paws at the snow
Not nearly enough for a fort!
Tucker digs in snow
12/21/06:  Watch, now.
Tucker shows off hole in snow
12/21/06:  There - a bowl!

(Those last two are from the ginormous snow storm we had a couple of months after I got here.)

Then the H.A. decided to go out for supper. Before he fed us!

And oh, by the way, he lollygagged around "on his way to the car" and took some pictures out front:

Front of house
Our north-facing house.
Is there something in the window?
Wait ... I saw something!
Snowflake blocks camera
Great time for a supernova!
Sinjin laughs in the window
It's ... it's ... a cameo!

So then the H.A. stood out there taking pictures of Sinjin being doofy in the window. Which would be okay if we were doing something interesting at the time. Like eating!

But no. He hadn't eaten yet. And then some years later, we'd get to eat. Good grief!

Anyway. H.A. took these close-ups with the super-extendo-telephoto feature on his camera. It's pretty crummy. From the viewfinder you can't even tell what part of the scene you'll get.

I'm sure there are other reasons that the pictures are crummy. But that's the only one he'd admit to.

Sinjin looks out at snow
Look at that stuff come down!
Sinjin looks to his left
Over there....
Sinjin looks to his right
And over there....
Sinjin looks to his left again
And over there again....
Sinjin looks to his right again
And back over there....
Sinjin sticks out his tongue
I made myself dizzy!

We call it "snow," bub. So what's it like on Mars this time of year?

Anyway. Now we've covered Wednesday. Next time we'll finish up the snow. With pictures of Thursday. And maybe Sinjin will have some pictures from his home planet.  ​Heh.


p.s. - H.A. fried up 5 pounds of hamburger when he got home! It was all supposed to be for MaxFund. But he put a bunch of it with kibble in our bowls. So we wouldn't remember to be annoyed about a late dinner!

So that worked out okay.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


All your khomplaining USUALLY works out for YOU!!

Snow? In Mid/Late April?? Almost as funny as earthkhwakes in the midwest!!!

Ha roo rooo ROOOOOOOOO!


Holly said...

Wow, you are soooo lucky to get some more snow!! Looks like Sinjin is doing great there, and misses the H.A. when he goes away. Nice that he is making himself at home!


Thor said...

We still have not received the snow we were promised months ago, and it doesn't look like we're going to get it now! But we at least sometimes get hamburger too!