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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Take nothing for granite

Sinjin here! Awhile back Tucker mentioned that the weather had gone from 74° to snowing in less than a day.

Well, I can beat that!

Tuesday it was  82° ... and look what happened on Wednesday!

Lucy and Sinjin look west
Is that west-side neighborcat?
Tucker nibbles on grass
Big sprouts!
Lucy lies calmly
How do you spell Sfinks?
Sinjin looks out over the yard
Another day in Paradise!
Tucker and Lucy watching snow
I'm watching it snow.
Tucker watching snow
It's kinda hard work.

Stuff like this didn't happen in Indianapolis! I don't remember it happening, anyway. But I'm 13, you know, and sometimes I'm not sure about my memory. (The trouble is, I don't remember whether there are things I should remember and don't.)

But regardless, this place has crazy weather! I hope it snows in the summer, too! The Big Guy took more pictures after these. We'll update you next time. It was still snowing at midnight, but not hard. The snow is melting on the streets and sidewalks, so it probably won't stick around after it stops.


doggie from Ottowa news
There's a fire hydrant
under there somewhere!
You sure can't count on anything!

One day it's summer, the next day it's winter.

One day Anthropogenius Global Warming wins prizes, the next day Canada gets socked with the most snow in I-​don't-​know-​how-​long.

One day the Big Guy is emailing a potential adopter that "Lucy is the sweetest dog [he's] ever had," the next day she attacks Tucker!

At least I think she did....

I didn't see how it started, but I'm pretty sure Tucker tried to munch out of Lucy's supper bowl.

Wooo-wee was she mad! The BG pulled Tucker away, and Lucy kept coming after him! BG had on his high-top leather boots, so he kept Lucy away with his foot until she calmed down.

Yessireebob, we've had some excitement around here! I'm resting up, curled up under the comptuer desk while BG finishes typing. Then I think it'll be time to move to the bedroom to rest up some more.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring!

-- photo of dog with snow people linked from eCanadaNow.



Thunder, Stormy and the yappitizers. said...

Arooo Sinjin & Tucker~ it looks like woo are enjoying the snow like we are. What fun!

Woos, wags & wuv,
Thunder & Stormy

The Army of Four said...

SNOW?!? You Coloradogs have ALL the fun! Sheesh!
Play bows,

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I bet the day brought yet MORE naps!


Indy said...

Oooh, snow! I'm so jealous! Here the weather has been going from warm and humid to cool and rainy. But no snow...