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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The Human Assistant forgot to thank Diane the dog groomer!

Diane gives MaxFund dogs a free grooming if they're really in need. Lucy didn't look like she was really needing a groomer when she came to MaxFund:

Lucy's MaxFund picture

But she was, actually. The H.A. started by getting out the mats on her ears. And he worked on her some more. As the feathers on her legs got tangled. But he wound up leaving the worst ones for Diane.

Who did a great job ... as always!

Sinjin goes next. Heh heh.

-- photo by Nicole Howard


-- 11/20/2009: Human Assistant fixed photo link


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Lucy is khwuite the looker!

Khan't wait to see what she khan to do fur handsome Sinjin!!


Minky said...

Diane the Groomer is the best! Lucy, you look lovelier than ever and I'll bet you smell wonderful, too!

I like Ms. Diane's hot oil treatment. It does wonders for my dry skin and fur.

The Army of Four said...

Lucy is gorgeous! Did she mind the grooming?
Good luck to Sinjin! We're anxious to see his "after" pix!

Kapp pack said...

Lucy looks bewootful!

Kisses, Sky boy