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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow white, snow brite

Snow white, snow brite,
Keep it snowing every nite.

Sinjin thanks everydoggy for their comments. I think you're just saying nice things to be nice. I can't see any difference.

Except his whites are whiter. I think Diane musta bleached him!  ​Heh.  ​We'll just see about that "grooming session for Tucker for next Friday."

Sinjin's not as shaggy now. He says it shows off his trim waist better. But he says grooming will show off my big waist better. I think I need to roll the big baby again. But you guys are right. He's still pretty fluffy. Not pretty and fluffy. Just ... fluffy.

We've had snow lotsa nights lately. Usually it's gone in the morning. Here are some pictures from late Wednesday night. Which was before Sinjin got groomed.

Lucy looks up at snow
Snowing again?
Gremlin covered with snow
Ho hum.
Sinjin standing in snowfall
The shaggy wolf watches.
Sinjin smiles for the camera
Hee hee!
Tucker walks in snowfall
Things to do.
Lucy scouts the bushes
Like hunting for neighborcat!

More later. I need to poke around and read other dog blogs. Since the Human Assistant has had the computer so tied up doing picture stuff.



The Army of Four said...

Snow? SNOW?!?!? Sigh. This is SO not fair!

Minky said...

Tucker, I'm sure you'll enjoy your grooming very much. Be nice to Ms. Diane!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

So be sure to dazzle us when you've had YOUR TURN KhrankyTukhker!!!

You are just jealous of SlimJim - admit it!


Holly said...

We got a little snow today too, but nothing like yours! You are soooo lucky!

And Sinjin looks fabulous!!