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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Adam visits zootoo

I know I mentioned Adam at least once before. I don't remember about other times. The Human Assistant didn't make blog tags for him until just now.

Anyway. Way back, somebody found Adam and took him to their house. Their two dogs beat up on him, so they took him to MaxFund which is both a shelter and a clinic for injured, homeless animals.

Adam smiling in adversity
MaxFund helps injured animals!


In other words, Adam was the ideal dog for MaxFund. And he got adopted fast!

That made him an unofficial Lucky Dog. And then the camera lady who takes dog pictures for MaxFund decided he was a Lucky Mutt!

And that's important because she makes calendars of Denver's Luckiest Mutts! She sells them and gives the money to MaxFund.

How cool is that!

So lots of people say, "My mutts are lucky! They belong on the calendar!" So there's a contest and they have to tell why their mutts are lucky. And then there's voting to pick who gets on the calendar.

The H.A. voted for some who got on the calendar and some who didn't. He thought all the seniors were lucky, like our friends Moe, Minky, and Benny.

He had to vote for Adam too. Adam had been kind of a project for him. He helped with Adam's blowing coat. And he took pictures of Adam.

Oh. H.A. says that was last summer. Right before he started this blog.  ::Hmmmph!::

Anyway. Adam got on the calendar. In fact, he made the cover of the calendar! (Not with H.A.'s crummy pictures of him, of course.)

Now the camera lady has the calendar on zootoo. So H.A. posted pictures there that he took of Adam when he was a lucky-​to-​be-​at-​MaxFund dog. Or mutt.

And now he's recycling those pictures here. Which is better than not blogging at all, I guess. Here ya go, starting with camera lady Nikki Howard's image of the calendar:

Adam as December dog
Here I am ... Mr. December!
One of Denver's Luckiest Mutts!
Adam looking at file cabinet
I didn't look so lucky when I came to MaxFund!
I'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I wonder what's in here?
Adam looking up
But I WAS lucky!  Their clinic fixed my owies ...
Things were looking up!
Adam lying with head on floor
I laid low for a while and - lucky me! - healed up.
Adam looking like an angel
Then someone found their perfect pet and adopted me ...
Lucky again!
Adam looking like a devil
My devilish good looks got me on the calendar's cover!
Adam on calendar cover
Cover Boy ... Adam!  Siberian!  HUSKY!!!


-- Lucky Mutt calendar images courtesy Nicole Howard


1 comment:

Minky said...

Aw, please tell your H.A. "thank you" from Benny, Moey, and me for voting for us to be in the Maxfund calendar! Mom says it's her fault we didn't get a month to ourselves. She didn't recount our "lucky mutt" stories very well for the ballot. We'll try again next year!

Adam sure has beautiful eyes. We all think Sequoia is a stunning beauty, too.

Mom got to do a little dogsledding yesterday in Breckenridge and says she met a whole bunch of wonderful Siberian Huskies. I hope she doesn't bring any home, though. I'd be served up as a yappetizer!!