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Friday, January 11, 2008

Open the box, already

I'm sorry we haven't been writing this week. One of us has been hogging the computer. Maybe that will change!

The Human Assistant has been posting lots on zootoo. Comments on news stories about pets. Reviews of stuff for pets.

The coolest things are the photo reviews. That's where he posts a picture of one of us! And a blurb about a pet product or service. But he's extra slow with those. So no reading or writing blogs lately.

H.A. uses the name MrEd. He's posted so much that right now he's #7 out of 874 who support MaxFund on zootoo. And MaxFund is #15 out of 3881 shelters.

One of the top 20 will win a makeover. Boy does MaxFund need that!

Anyway. I feel bad about keeping everydoggy in suspenders about the boxes. I'm not sure if Holly's comment was for Khyra or if she was snarking at me. Which would be beneath her dignity I'm sure.  ​☺  ​So I won't say anything about it.

So here's what was in the boxes!

Tucker next to a box
So what's in the stupid box?
Tucker looks in the box
Tucker next to the box again
Yeah, well....
Tucker with closed laptop
Pretty skinny lunchbox!
Lucy looks in the box
There's another box in here!
Lucy with open laptop
I don't get it.
Lucy and Tucker and two open laptops
Well, there's two of them.
Tucker and two open laptops
One Laptop Per Canine!

These are two OLPC computers. Maybe you heard about them as the $100 laptops. H.A. says it's a very advanced computer. So advanced that computer geeks craved it!

But it's supposed to be the One Laptop Per Child computer for kids in developing countries. They didn't want to sell it to spoiled developed-​world weenies!

But they decided to, anyway.

I think pretty much all bloggin' dogs want their own computer! I know Khyra said so. She has a picture showing Sitka with a laptop.

We'll have to see how this works out. They're a little tricky to open. I haven't figured it out yet. But once it's open, I'll just step on everything until I find the power button.

That's the plan, Stan. I'll keep you posted!



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Too funny!

At khristmas time, my hu-mom tried to find doggie toys that were laptops - she wanted to send it to Summi - she found him a toolbox - that was BIG KHOOL!

She did find cellphones - that was ALMOST khool!!

I'm sure they have high speed - after all, we are SIBES!



Angel said...

So are you and Gremlin each getting a laptop, Tucker? I like the idea of One Laptop Per Dog!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Lucy get a laptop, too?