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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good eats restaurant

I'd say that recycling photos from zootoo must be harder than it looks. Except that the Human Assistant makes it look hard! He sure is slow.

Here's a photo review of his favorite restaurant, Village Inn. He goes there a lot and he never takes me.

Oh, excuse me ... he never takes me anymore. Hey, there was a paper in the corner of the dash that I couldn't get. So the dash got some chewing - is that my fault?

In this "dramatic" sequence he orders a new steak salad.

That is, it's new because they made it when he got there. And it's new on the menu this month.

It looks good but he'd rather have more Oswald food and less carnivore food. I don't know what's wrong with him.

But I like it because if he doesn't eat all the carnivore food then I might get some!

Also he complains because Village Inn took his two favorite salads off the menu. Boo hoo. He's had enough of them to load a couple of semis.

One good thing about Village Inn is that they have a fundraising program that charities can do.

They give you a bunch of certificates that are good for one pie each. You sell 'em at a retail price you pick. Then the customer takes them to a Village Inn and trades one for an entire pie. And you pay Village Inn the wholesale price for them.

You can get almost $3 a pie for your charity, usually.

Humans say that these pies are excellent! But they don't give any to dogs. Which they would if they were good food. So they must be bad for you.

There's paper involved. You sign a contract. You get certificates from Village Inn. You get checks from customers.

Now what's a paper-lovin' Sibe gonna do when there's no steak and no pie in the house?

a Village Inn restaurant
Welcome to Village Inn!
steak salad and ice tea
Better get a doggy bag!
pie display case at Village Inn
Remember to take home a pie!
Gremlin likes steak leftovers
Beef - it's what's for treats!
Lucy likes steak leftovers
Thank you, that looks very tasty.
Tucker likes steak leftovers
Tucker looks at fundraising contract
Yeah, I chewed the fundraising contract.
Tucker laughs about fundraising contract
And I ate some checks!
Tucker looks at pie certificates
I promise I won't chew the pie certificates ...
Tucker laughs about pie certificates
... while you're LOOKING!



Kathryn and Ari said...

I remember the Village Inn! Don't they make an amazing French Silk pie? Not so good for dogs, but lovely for humans!

Minky said...

If that Gremlin isn't just the cutest doggie ever!! We would like to see more photos of her and her enchanting face! Is she finally cone-free?

Barlow Putz said...

tucker, have you noticed how popular marvin hound dog from scotlnd has become????we platoon of four are jealous...we want you to know we looooves you for who you are even though you are not from scotland and go to village inn for your entertailnment

Holly said...

You did a fabulous job on the contract and checks! That's what H.A. deserves after no gettng you any pie!

Who is the new little Sibe looking dog in the "beef" picture?