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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stop the madness!

I'm guarding the hallway so the Human Assistant can't go to bed until he posts something for us.

I mean, for me!  I'ts my blog!

He's been hogging the desktop computer like crazy. And hasn't let me use one of the new laptops, either.

He hasn't even spent more than a few minutes with them himself! That's really weird. But he's been putting all his time into that zootoo thing I mentioned last time.

The people at the MaxFund shelter really want to get picked for a shelter makeover! So H.A. has been pounding away on the keyboard. Taking pictures. Pounding away some more.

Since New Year he's written 225 comments on news stories, posted 104 reviews of products and services, and uploaded 54 pictures of them.

Spend a little time on the blog?  Ha!

I don't know what all the pictures are. He took some when he wasn't home. Like of vet clinics and stuff. But most are supposed to show the animal enjoying the product. Or using it, at least.

Okay, well, some were us on our new beds. A few of them got posted here before. And I think he used twice as many pictures of Gremlin and Lucy as he did of me!

But he agreed to put some here. So here ya go. Ya wanna see more, check out his zootoo page.

Tucker asking politely for green tripe
Can I have some, please?
Tucker asking not so politely for green tripe
Let me rephrase that...!
Tucker asking politely for green tripe again
Hey!  I'm starvin', here!
Tucker getting a bite of turkey
Watch your fingers!

More soon, I hope!



Anonymous said...

Even though I miss yourposts Tucker, I amreally glad your HA is doing so much on zootoo. It's abig help for the shelter and we all know you don;t want everydoggy to come live with you! lol!! If the shelter gets the makeover, they'll have mroe room for doggy's there and less doggys will need to stay at your house. ;)

sheri, ryan, harley and the cats

Minky said...

Tucker, you sure are a handsome boy, even when you're demanding food!

I tried some of that green tripe stuff, and didn't care for it. It's packed full of good things for dogs, though. Has your H.A. ever given you the AFS freeze-dried beef nibblets? They're my favorite! At $21.99 for a little bag, though, it might be a tad expensive for 3 big dogs to eat!

Heh, heh. My mom's been writing reviews on Zootoo, too. I think she forgot where she was as she was typing this!

The Army of Four said...

Supper-dupper-dupper-dupper-dupper-dupper time!!!!!!

Kapp pack said...

Keep giving him a pouty face the treats should keep flowing!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann