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Sunday, January 6, 2008

H.A. 2, Harvey 0

We've had a busy few days. Compared to our usual. But some families are so busy that they have to move faster than light to fit everything in!

The Human Assistant bought Harvey traps. Caught two Harveys behind the piano. Lucy is much calmer now.

I don't think Harvey is an Oswald. Harvey looks smaller than Oswald's pictures. Also, the tail is different. But either way, I don't think they belong in the house.

H.A. found his plastic bank card. I won't go into the story of how his old one expired, and he didn't see any new one in the mail, and he wrote checks, and then he was out of checks and thought he couldn't find more, and he asked the bank to send a replacement card, and then he found the first card they sent but it was cancelled now, and he couldn't find the replacement card in the mail.

Yes, the story sounds like it's about him. But most things are about me. Like this story.

I offered a bunch of times to tear up mail to help him look for the card. He wouldn't let me. Well, I offered....

H.A. was happy he finally had a working plastic card again! He paid a bunch of way-overdue bills. One of them was our internet bill.

They had threatened to unplug us from the real internet and connect us to the All Spam All The Time network. And none of us here have a need for fake Rolexes!

So anyway. He paid the bill, I can keep blogging.

While he was poking around in the mail he also found a coupon. Free food!  ​Woooo!

He took Lucy to get the food. They were gone pretty long for just that. When they came home H.A. made three trips to carry in food and big doggy cushions!

Of course we ate first. Lucy acted like she didn't want to eat the new food. More for me! But H.A. wouldn't let me have hers.  ​::scowl::

Tucker on too-small pad
"So what? I'm comfy."
Lucy on big pad in small space
"Then I'll take the other side."

H.A. put the Lucy-sized pad to the left of the computer desk. I chased her off of it. Then he squeezed a too-big round pad to the right of the desk. The sides were bent up. I'd be Tucker the Taco in there!

Or maybe a hot dog. H.A. said I might even turn into a Frank! That would be bad. I'm a Tucker! Saturday he switched the pads and they fit much better.

He put another big pad in a hallway. No arguing over this one! I like it when he's at the computer and I want some privacy. Lucy likes it when he's nearby in the bathroom or the bedroom.

But a guy has to keep movin' around. Know what I mean? Linoleum still works for me.

Tucker on big pad
"Not bad. Why?"
Tucker asleep on kitchen floor
"Consistency is ... whatever."

Then H.A. lifted Gremlin up onto the fourth pad. She was acting like she didn't want up there. It is kinda tall. With her cataracts and weak legs and a cone, maybe she wasn't sure of her footing. When he left the room, she moved off it. Hasn't been back on it since.

Gremlin on big pad
"I don't really want here."
Gremlin on carpet
"That's better."

The H.A. told us the cushions were our end-of-year presents. And the food.  (Food is a present?)  And Lucy got a new leash. To try to sorta go with her collar.

Okay. But the next day there was a box on the porch. Everydoggy has been saying what great stuff was in their boxes!

This one didn't smell interesting. So I left it alone. Gremlin did too. Lucy did three. Then H.A. opened the box and stuck a treat inside. Just so he could take our pictures!

Humans are almost as sneaky as dogs!

Tucker sniffing in a box
"He stuck a treat in here!"
Lucy  sniffing in a box
"I can't get it either!"

The human wants to go to bed now. He needs his beauty sleep. I'm kinda tired too, so I'll blog about the box another time.



The Army of Four said...

Tucker! You look SO handsome in your new bed! It looks very comfy - I hope you like it! We like poofy beds, but we also like the cold, hard tile floor. I mean ... we're Siberians!
Do you have any spare snow you can send us? Almost all of ours is gone. It was over 50 here yesterday! We really need nicer weather - sub-zero and snow.

Anonymous said...

What was the Harvey? Is Lucy still crazy?

Minky said...

New doggy beds, new food - Merry Post-Christmas, Tucker! Those beds look mighty comfy. You sure have a nice H.A.! We all got furry toys in our Christmas stockings, even those of us who do not play. I did receive some lovely new pink outfits, though.

I hope Miss Gremlin is doing well, with her cone-head and all. Moey has spent a lot of time wearing one of those, and he says he doesn't like it at all!

Holly said...

Wow, that sure looks like a very comfy new bed!! Poor Gremlin, when does he get the cone off?

And how dare you keep us in suspense with what is in the box!


Kapp pack said...

THose new bed look comfy like ours! I can't wait to see what was in the box. I gave you an award! Come visit our blog to find out more!

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann