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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rock band game!

There's a game that's been around a little while. But I haven't been around for a little while! So it's new to me.

An older post by the Zimstigator tells how to form a band, lay down an album, and get the cover art for it. Automagically!

You need to have a computer program that edits images. If you want to see what your first album release looks like with the titles on it! But the game's still fun otherwise.

You go here to get your band name. It stirs up the great big cookie jar of Wikipedia articles and pulls one out. The name of the article is the name of your band!

Then you head here for the name of your album. It throws a bunch of random quotations on your screen. You go to the last quote and take the last four words of it. That's the title!

Your art is here. Use the third picture. Then if you have an image editor, put your band name and the album title on the picture and show it to others!

The Army of Four got the idea from Moxie and Izzy. They got the idea from Butchy and Snickers. They got the meme (dweeb word meaning blog game) from Mimi.

She thrilled "Bud Weiser" when she got it from him and spread it all over. Here's the pedigree for you art historians:

BloggerBandAlbum TitleAlbum Cover
The Army of FourBayside ShakedownJustified in Silencing Mankind Bayside Shakedown's album, Justified in Silencing Mankind
Moxie and IzzyLonely Wonderer's TheoryHumor and Some Bewilderment Lonely Wonderer's Theory's album, Humor and Some Bewilderment
Butchy and SnickersImpersonatorUniverse Will Be Simpler Impersonator's album, Universe Will Be Simpler
MimiA Shi'ite AnthologyHave Very Few Virtues A Shi'ite Anthology's album, Have Very Few Virtues
"Bud Weiser"Peter PeacockI Feel Almost Beautiful Peter Peacock's album, I Feel Almost Beautiful

Wow! Some really neat packages!  ::scowl::  I hope nodoggy cheats!

Electoral District of Newtown-Erskine's Admire Somebody Too Much
EDNE's debut album!

Yyyeahhh ... here's mine.

Okay, ours.

Band name's at the top.

If you thought it might be four words too.

Which it might be.

What a name, huh?

I didn't like it.

But the Human Assistant found out that Erskineville, which is related, is called Erko for short.

Which is maybe not as bad.

Erko, arvo (afternoon), doco (documentary). I wonder if Australians invented the name for parvo? Or maybe it was the French.

Anyway. We didn't cheat! Here's our sources: band name, album title, cover art.

Fun, huh‽ I'm going to get the H.A. to do some more!    Tell me if you did one too!

-- my thanks to "Bud Weiser," Mimi, Butchy and Snickers, Moxie and Izzy, and The Army of Four for the material to show how fun this is! If you're one of them and you don't want your work linked to or shown smaller this way, it's the Human Assistant's fault! Leave a comment or send email and I'll bark and growl and make lots of annoying noises so that he can't concentrate on anything until he fixes it!



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I posted mine and Roo Roo's on my blog:


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Wow, we think we'd buy your album!

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