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Monday, January 7, 2008

Answers for ordinary tubers

... or ... Replies to Commentators....

Amber and Echo:  Our snow went away too. But we got a little more this afternoon. And I have boxes! I'll ask the Human Assistant to send it.

Anon E. Moose:  Oswald and our Harveys do have an interesting resemblance.  I'll leave it at that. Lucy has been very calm.

Holly and Minky:  Gremlin's lick-sore isn't really getting better. So she'll have to go see the dokker. H.A. thinks he'll probably yell at him for letting it go for so long.

Kelsey Ann and Khyra:  The Human Assistant only likes peppers and vinegar in his hot sauce. And salt, I guess. That's all that's in regular Tabasco. But he wants something hotter. But Tabasco's habanero sauce has sugar and mangos and stuff in it. So he's trying different things. What's in your mom's hot sauce, Khyra?

Kelsey Ann and Minky:  I don't think I'd like H.A. holding my mouth open while he counted out four drops! He used Rescue Remedy spray. When he reads this he'll probably try spraying us every five minutes! Good thing Lucy hasn't been doing frantic antics.

everydoggy:  Thanks for your compliments on the beds! (Amber, you're such a sweetie - you're embarrassing me !) Gremlin even decided to get on the big ones when nodoggy was looking. H.A. says he'll get a couple more Lucy-sized ones so I can have a big one without chasing her off.

Holly and Kelsey Ann:  Here's what was in the box (which you can see on the left in one of the pictures):

Tucker sniffs a box
Hey!  Smells like salmon!
Lucy sniffs a box, plus Tucker
Where's my crate treat?
Lucy chews a box
Tastes like ... chicken!
Lucy licks a box
Or maybe ... venison!

Yup, the Human Assistant was up to his old tricks again! This time he put jerkey treats in the smaller boxes. That came out of the bigger box. That he put a biscuit in.

Lickin' Lucy didn't know that we're not s'posed to chew up the boxes. But I was a real good boy! I wanted a treat, but I didn't chew on a box. I went in my crate! I get extra-special treats when I go in my crate and H.A. leaves the house.

Only he didn't leave the house. And he didn't give me a crate treat! That poopy-head! We had to wait until he took the treats out of the boxes. Then we all got some. Even the doggies who didn't get into crates. And slobbered on the boxes.


Blogging about treats made me hungry. I'm gonna bug some human until he gives me some! Bye fur now!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Pay no mind to the spelling - we know it should be Khrystal - but here is the link to it


Might go well with Harvey and/or chikhken!

She knows it is GREAT in her shrimp khreole!

Wags and Wuv,

Holly said...

Thanks for clearing that up!! You are always a wealth of knowledge!


The Daily Echo said...

Meeka would never get the treat if he had to do without shredding the box. He's our resident shredder you know. We don't need our lectric one anymore.

Kapp pack said...

Treats are always good! We used to have some hot sauce that was made form cranberries (bought in New England).

Woo woo, KA

The Army of Four said...

Hey Tuck! I'm giving you an award today - Thursday. Stop by later on!
OH! And Amber called for snow flurries today last night! Ha ROO! She's never wrong!
Tail wags,