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Monday, January 28, 2008

Dogs here and there

I'm really embarrassed! The Human Assistant hasn't let me post anything for days! And I haven't kept up with everydoggy's blogs. Fooey!  ​

Awhile back somedoggies gave me awards. I didn't say thank you. THANK YOU! But the awards require you to pass them on to others. And I haven't been able to do that. So I guess I'd better not keep them! But thanks!

MaxFund's photo of Sequoia
MaxFund's photo of Sequoia
MaxFund's photo of Blue
MaxFund's photo of Blue

I wanted to tell everydoggie that Sequoia was back at the shelter. Her family said that she was untrainable, couldn't be controlled, and didn't respond to her name!

Let's see ... Siberian Husky ... less than a year old ... and I bet they weren't holding food in their hands, huh?

But I don't need to go into all that. Sequoia was adopted again by other people. Hope that works out!

MaxFund dog Blue
Blue's just a little thin....
MaxFund dog Blue
What happened to his tail?

And Blue came to the shelter. H.A. doesn't remember his story. With that snow nose he doesn't look much like an ol' coon-hound Blue! But whatever. He may be adopted soon. There's an application waiting for reference checks.

Lucy has a dogster page now. H.A. will finish writing a new description for her and it will go on her MaxFund page soon. She's okay. I won't miss her or anything. But she does leave food in her bowl that I get to snarf.

Lucy shows her pink bandge
I got pink on my owie.
Lucy's pink bandage, collar, and leash
To go with my collar and leash!

She tore her dewclaw. So she went to the MaxFund clinic. They said to leave the bandage on for a day or two. She had been licking, licking, licking at the dewclaw. But they said that she would leave it alone now. Hah! She left the bandage on for about a day and then tore it off. But she does nearly always leave the owie alone now.

Holly, you aksed who the new dog is in the last blog. There's just Gremlin and Lucy and me.

my dog Gremlin
Sweetie-pie Gremlin's almost 14!
my dog Gremlin wooos
A woooing Honorary Sibe!

Gremlin came to live with H.A. when she was 8 weeks old. Her tail was already docked! The Colorado Springs animal shelter said she's a German Shepherd and Rottweiler.

Gremlin used to dig under the fence and get out. Then she wouldn't come when she was called. Or she'd come running to the H.A. and then zoom around him and keep running! So she's an Honorary Siberian Husky. And she woos.

I have to not bother Gremlin much. She's been here 10 times longer than I have! So H.A. says if there's trouble between us, I'm out of my happy home. (That's what he calls it, anyway.)

Thank you all for reading! I'll try to get back to you soon!

-- MaxFund photos of Sequoia and Blue by Nicole Howard.



Angel said...

Harumph! I tried to leave a comment and it said something about a duplicate action! Maybe it's 'cause I'm ambipawdextrous!

Anyway, we thought the lovely Miss Gremlin was an actual Sibe, not just an honorary one, but it's not that often we get up close to one. (That yappetizer thing, you know.)

She sure is a cutie, as is Lucy!

Khady Lynn said...

I sure hope things work out for Sequoia this time! She is so beautiful and she deserves a home that can give her a chance to become more mature.

Poor Blue!!! He looks just like I did when I came to live with my family...all skin and bones!! I hope he gets lots of food and treats and can fatten up!

Gremlin!! Oh that's who that is! I don't think I've seen a pic of her before! She has a cute little face! Is her nose crooked, or is it just the pictures?