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Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Human Assistant has been getting up every two hours. The last two nights. It wakes everydoggy up 'cause we think something's going to happen! But nothing happens.

Except he sticks Alizé with a pin to see how sweet her blood is. It's been too sugary since she went into heat at the beginning of the month. And her pee started having keytones again.

She had them when she first got here. I still don't understand why it's bad. But I guess it is. So some of the times he sticks a needle into Alizé too. Then he drains this fancy bag of water through the needle under her skin.

Is that weird or what? She drinks lots and lots of water. Then H.A. pours more of it under her skin. Yucko!

Anyway. H.A. gets up. Which wakes me up. Which makes me hungry. Every two hours! But he doesn't feed us every two hours. He should! Then maybe Alizé wouldn't steal food.

Except it's not really stealing. Our house, our food!

A few days ago she scored a couple of bagels off the stove. H.A. has never had to worry about leaving food on counters before. We're good doggies! Usually.

Now, Zot is famous for eating bread from counters. Back at her own house. H.A. didn't leave any out for her when she lived here.

So because of Alizé he put all the human food in cupboards.

Then she chewed into Sinjin's plastic food bin. A big hole in the side! It's on wheels, and while she was snarfing out of it, she pushed it out the back door and down the steps into the garage.

BONUS! Food everywhere!

Last night Alizé swiped a notepad and some papers off a stand in the kitchen. Hey! That's my job! Actually she's done it a couple of times. Except usually she's smart enough to do it while H.A. is out of the house.

So last night she only waited until he went to lie down in his bedroom. Alizé was actually walking toward the bedroom with the booty! I made some noises in the kitchen and H.A. got up and he saw Alizé with the stuff in her mouth.


Anyway. Talking about being sick, today is the anniversary of the last case of smallpox in the world! Everybody getting shots (bleah!) actually wiped out a disease! It almost makes you want to go get all kinds of shots, huh?

No, probably not.

Then there's this. Military dogs now have their own hospital! That's pretty neat! And a good place to end this blog entry.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Not bad fur a visually impaired khanine!

Good lukhk with all the disruptions in the household!!


Minky said...

Alize! Why did you need a notepad? Were you going to write a draft blog entry on it? Did you get yourself a pen, too?

I hope your blood becomes less sweet soon! I'm very impressed that a doggie would actually chew through a food bin.

Your friend,

Kapp pack said...

Wow, your HA is dedicated! I would never see my humans getting up every two hours for us!

Butt wiggles, Meadow