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Monday, November 3, 2008

Alizé's on vacation

Alizé looks for dropped food
Nope - no food left
Alizé sniffs at the fridge
What's in the fridge?
Alizé gives up
Last week the Big Guy took Alizé for a ride ... and didn't bring her back!

Heyo!  Sinjin here with the news!

I thought Alizé got into so much trouble that B.G. got really mad and got rid of her. Tucker told about some of the problems she caused. But he forgot to mention that Alizé got into a tub of our joint-supplement chewies and ate about 50 of them.

At least, we think she did. B.G. thought the tubs were indestructible, but Alizé chewed off the lid. There was no sign of the chewies that were inside. He gave her stuff that made her barf a couple of times, but only her supper came out, which was kinda weird.

So he gave me the same stuff, three times! But I refused to barf. Nope, just didn't wanna do it. Besides, I didn't eat the stupid chewies!

Then a couple of days later Alizé chewed the covers off of a paperback book about jazz. Now, I know that B.G. was unhappy about that! But wait, there's more! The next day she found his postcard collection in the garage!

She made a lot of noise getting to them because the garage is full of junk and it's almost like everything is booby-trapped. So B.G. got up to see what she was doing, and he saw her with postcards in her mouth, and he took them from her. Next day, repeat.

So he loaded her into the Jeep and off they went!

But the Big Guy said that he just took her to a place where she'll get attention all 24 hours a day without him having to wake up every two hours. They'll make her diabetes better, so I guess she's on vacation! And then they'll spray her so she's not a girl anymore. That must be a pretty powerful spray!

Oh ... they'll spay her. Well I don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound like as fun a vacation as it could be.

We haven't heard how she's doing, but the dog lady at the MaxFund shelter says no news is good news. B.G. says that's a  He-​pissed-​'em-​all  Ojji-​cal  fallacy. I say, gimme a treat!

Oh ... those pictures at the beginning. Alizé was snarfing her food and then coming over to snag what I spilled while I was eating. I told her to stop, I'd get to it when I was done with what was in my bowl, but she was ducking down and getting under me and just being really disruptive.

So she got a special bowl that slows her down. It works, too! Then the Big Guy bought one for Tucker, who is more than disruptive when he inhales his food and comes over to my bowl. He just pushes me aside. Poor widdle me!

But now everything's good. Everything about keeping Alizé and Tucker out of my bowl is good, anyway. And that's a good start!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


She's good fur a blind GIRL!

Oh wait, she's a girl - girls are ALWAYS good!

My mom told someone at work about those bowls - it has helped Buster not inhale his food - and not horka it later (she also mentioned the magikh Pupcid too) -

Good lukhk with the khranky ones left in your house!


Minky said...

Yes, we girls are always good! :)

I hope everything goes well and you get to come home soon, Miss Alize.