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Sunday, November 16, 2008

First snow

Happy Dagur íslenskrar tungu!
In particular it may be mentioned that Icelandic possesses quite a few instances of oblique cases without any governing word, much like Latin (e.g., many of the various Latin ablatives have a corresponding Icelandic dative).
Yeah, that explains it, huh?

We got a little snow on Friday. First snow of the season! The Human Assistant was having trouble sleeping. So he herded us outside to take some photos that turned out pretty crummy in the dark.

Sinjin walking in nighttime snowfall
Sinjin's not quite awake
Tucker walking in nighttime snowfall
Balancing the moon on my tail!
Sinjin and Tucker walking in nighttime snowfall
Bug Sinjin or check the fence?
Tucker standing in daytime snow

That's not really the moon. I'm actually balancing a snowflake on my tail!  Heh heh!

Then we all went back to sleep. Then we all got up later. When the sun was up. That picture turned out better.

You can see we didn't get much snow. By afternoon it was all melted in the back yard. Which is a hill that faces south. Which the H.A. says gets more sun than the part that's in the shadow in the front yard.

Ok lýkr þar Hænsa-Þóris sögu.  (And there ends the saga of Hønsa-Thóri.)

Or as H.A. says so strangely, "An' dat's da name a' dat tune."



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


What a strong tail woo have!


Minky said...

That sure looked like the moon on your tail, Mr. Tucker!