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Friday, November 7, 2008

How NOT to walk a dog

Dumb people can get a doggy in trouble!

Don't let your humans do this to you!  Someone will say it's your fault!
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Dumb Person #1 (DP1): Barney's dog walker
Dumb Person #2 (DP2): White House reporter
Barney: Presidential family's 8-year-old Scottish Terrier
- DP1 stops so DP2 can say hi to Barney.
- DP2 tries to get Barney to be friendly.
- Barney doesn't want to be friendly.  (Turning half-way around to keep an eye on a human getting too close to you is not how dogs show "being friendly.")
- DP2 reaches to pat Barney's head, his hand visible only in Barney's peripheral vision.
- DP1 does nothing to stop the brewing incident.
Barney biting reporter
- Barney bites DP2.
- DP1 fails to handle incident.
- DP1 says, "See, you can't put your hands in his face" just a litttttle too late to be helpful.
- DP1 expresses no interest in skin-penetrating wound.
- DP1 seems disinclined to report the bite and walks away.
- DP2 reports he got wound care anyway.  Thank dog!  He doesn't mention suing Barney's family or sending Animal Control to take Barney away.
I hope that didn't happen!  But it could happen to you!  Do everything you can to avoid it!

Yes, it's normal to bite annoying people.  No, it doesn't make you a bad dog.  But yes, that's how they'll treat you anyway.  Don't do it!

Tell your humans to watch this video and learn from DB1's mistakes!

-- video by April D. Ryan, American Urban Radio Networks, via YouTube



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


That human was soooo furry stoooopid!!

He should be rehomed for his akhtions -

That was sooooo NOT the way to approach a khanine - especially a khranky red one -


Kapp pack said...

So, so stupid!

Puppy slurps, Canyon