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Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy birthday and all that

So now the Human Assistant says today is Alizé's birthday. She's 9.

Alizé's kinda weird for a stray. Lots of times there's no information about them. Like with Poo-Poo. And Sally. And especially Timber.

But Alizé's first people had her micrcochipped right away. Not actually her first people, who were probably a puppy mill. Or her second people, who were clerks in a pet store.

But her first real people. They got her microchipped. And when H.A. called the microchip company, they had lots of information. About the chip, anyway. He didn't write down everything. But it was like, the day the chip was made, when it went to a distributor, when it went to the vet's office ... lots of stuff.

He's squinting at his notes now. He wrote down that it was shipped in February, 1990. He thinks that means shipped to the vet's office. And the vet put the chip in Alizé in March, 2000. The chip sat around, wearing out, for 10 whole years!

Anyway. The microchip company also said that Alizé was born 11/10/99. So there you go.

It's also the birthday of the Continental Marines. They started up in 1775 and shut down in 1785 after the war was over.

Then there was a U.S. Marine Corps. They kinda cheat and use the Continental Marines' birthday as their birthday too.

Wanna know something strange? Today's also the birthday of two airplane designers. And I don't mean Wilbur and Orville Redenbacher!

Anyway. There you go.


For what it's worth, today's also the birthday of the father of the AK-47. So there you go again.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Happy Birfday to anybuddy who's birfday MIGHT be today -


Khady Lynn said...

Happy birthday Alize'!!! You sure are pretty for your age!!! I'm glad you are finally happy in your new home! I hope you get lots of extra treats and livergreat!


Angel said...

Happy birthday, Alize! You are still young! I say 9 is the new 6. So there.