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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Calendar contest

This was supposed to get posted yesterday. But. You know how that goes.

Alizé's contest photo, slightly cropped
Who's a lucky mutt?
Sinjin's contest photo, slightly cropped
Me!  Me!

Here's another example of no important news. No news about me. It's time again for the Denver's Luckiest Mutts calendar contest. Guess who the Human Assistant didn't put in the contest? Again?

But Alizé and Sinjin get to compete. Phooey.

Now H.A. says he's sorry he didn't enter me. But it's too late. Voting's even supposed to be over by now. So I have to wait another whole year.

You can see last year's Siberian Husky calendar boy in a post from a few months ago.

Two of H.A.'s pictures don't show up anymore in that post. There's just a rectangle with some words. They were on zootoo and now they're not. I think H.A. still has them on his computer, so I'll get him to make them show up again.


Happy birthday one day late to Fridtjof Nansen. He was an arctic explorer. With sleds and dogs and stuff. He was also a real smart guy who observed weird stuff with the ocean and nerve cells. Nansen was also a diplomat. So three cheers for another Scandihoovian!

-- photos by Nicole Howard



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Wooooa there fella -

Woo are posting WAY too frekhwently - pace yourself!

Woo will be getting tired and SOOOO need a nap!

Happy Saturday!


nl1990 said...

welcome back Tucker (and H.A.!) I was getting worried. and happy belated Leif Ericson day