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Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm back, sorta

There wasn't much news this summer. Except about Alizé. But I mean important news. News about me!

Here's an example of what I mean. Notice who's in two photos, and notice who's in only one!

Tucker and Alizé napping in garage
Me in a relaxed mood
Alizé outside the doggy den
Alizé outside the doggy den

The biggest important news this summer was when the Human Assistant left me in my crate too long one day. Then he put me in the tub and washed my legs and tummy and stuff. That really wasn't a fun day.

The Human Assistant wouldn't help with the blog even by making up stuff because for a couple of months he wasn't feeling all that great. He said he was Le Thargíc. Is that French? He thinks changing his medicine might have been a problem.

Then he felt better. But instead of helping with the blog he's been paying too much attention to stupid human news. Grrr!

Well, here's one thing. Today is Leif Ericson Day. Again. H.A. says it snuck up on him. Again. No, Leif Ericson didn't have Siberian Huskies on his boats. So who cares?

Well, the H.A. is half Swedish. He says there wouldn't be Russians if it weren't for Scandihoovians. And if there weren't Russians, there wouldn't be a Russia. And if there weren't a Russia, then Americans wouldn't have had anywhere to go for sled dogs to bring to Alaska and call Siberian Huskies.

Or something like that. If he doesn't come up with something better, I may be too disgusted to write another post. So we'll see.

But thanks everydoggy who stopped by to say hello! It was nice! It made H.A. feel guilty! I got to post again!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Khyra's Mom Here:

I sent her to look fur woo -

Did she make it yet?

Welkhome bakhk -

We were wondering what had bekhome of ye!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Tucker!

I went to work today with my "Leif Landed First" mug for my coffee. Did I mention that I work for a couple of Italians? I made sure they saw the mug ;)


p.s. There wouldn't be zippers without Scandies either...

Minky said...

Hi, Tucker! Glad to see you back!!

Sorry to hear about that little crate incident! Things like that have happened to me a few times, although they've involved a diaper, not a crate. If you know what I mean.