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Monday, February 18, 2008

Trans-prairie Siberian Railway

Today we're driving to Kansas!  The Human Assistant says we'll be on the Trans-prairie Siberian Railway.

That doesn't make sense. We'll be in a car! Which can't drive on railways. Which are for trains! Which he spelled wrong!

Anyway. We're going to get Sinjin. Then we're coming back. Then I don't know what we're doing with him, but I'll worry about that later.

We had to get up very early this morning. Next we'll rent a car that will hold two big crates for me 'n' Sinjin. That big honkin' van we had would transport an Army of Eight, easy! Too bad the Ao4 didn't have it so the doggies and their Mom could come too!

And then we're off!

We'll post some updates along the way. Nothing fancy. Just phoning a text message to Blogger. H.A. spent time trying to figure out how to post to Blogger from the green laptop computers. We might be able to post a picture from Kansas! We'll try!

We'll drive to the north side of Denver (which is in Colorado) to get to our I-70. Which we'll take until we get to Oakley (which is in Kansas).

The Army of Four's human guy will drive from Manhattan (the one in Kansas) to their I-70 and then to Salina (also in Kansas). He'll pick up Sinjin there and then drive some more to meet us in Oakley (which is still in Kansas).

map of Colorado
main Colorado roads

map of Kansas
main Kansas roads

→  →  →  →  →

We're on our way !

-- maps via Wikipedia



Minky said...

We'll be waiting anxiously for your posts and wishing you safe travels, Mr. Ed!!

Thor said...

Good Luck, Tucker! Hope you get there and back safely! And that you enjoy your new brother, and he enjoys you guys!