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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Casting out Sin(jin)

Okay, I mentioned that Sinjin took my favorite pad next to the computer. The first evening he was here!

There's more to that. I was annoyed and went to the pad in the hallway. Gremlin was there! She never sleeps there! I had to use the pad in the living room. Spell Lucy "L-U-C-K-Y" that she wasn't taking up the last large pad in the house! She was still in the smaller pad by the computer.

Sinjin on one big pad
You're on my pad, Sinjin!
Gremlin on another big pad
You're on my pad, Gremlin!
Tucker on a third big pad
Sinjin on human bed
Oh, thanks!  A little late, buddy!

Too many dogs in this house, obviously!

GOAL:  Get Sinjin out!
PLAN:  Make him want to leave!

I thumped Sinjin later that night. He was standing next to me when it was time for medicine treats. I don't mind so much once the Human Assistant is into the process, going around the circle with the treats. Then I just have to watch and make sure I get mine each time around.

But until he starts, the left side is mine! If he only turns one direction with treats, and it's to the left, then buddy I get 'em all! I've had to tell other dogs that, too.

But there's a limit to how much direct action I can take. I don't wanna spend all day in a crate! So I have another strategy, too.

I keep an eye on Sinjin. When does something that's against the rules, I make sure H.A. knows about it. He's brand new here. He can't know how we do things. So if I make sure to point out everything he does wrong, H.A. will see that it's too much trouble to keep him!

Now, this one I didn't have to mention to H.A. He saw it for himself. Sinjin got next to a crate and shifted his weight to the back paw that wasn't next to the crate. He was gonna mark it!

H.A. saw that and stopped him. Sinjin was like, Huh?  Later he did it again! Or tried to. Walked up to the crate, leaned to the right ... caught again! No marko!

Well, this was enough to annoy the H.A., but not enough to really annoy him. So when H.A. was in another room, I told Sinjin that the coast was clear. Bingo! H.A. heard the tinkling sound, but he was too late to stop the act!  Heh!


Fooey! I should have posted this 12 hours ago when I got this far and stopped. More later today on my evil plan!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Sorry Tukhker!

SlimJim is too khute to stop!!

Resistance is futile!!!

He looks soooo khomfy and at peace with the special furever home he's been lukhky enough to have khaptured!!!!

Ask him about his story - I think even YOU will khave!!!!!


Holly said...

Wow, Sinjin sure looks to be comfy in his new home!! I think he deserves to be in a happy home like yours!! Be nice to him, he needs some good love and friends!

Sorry about the marking thing. I think he just wants to let everydog know it is his home now too!


Thor said...

Aww, Tucker, c'mon, you don't want him to go! Think about it--you've been an only male, and an only Sibe. It's much better to have another Sibe brother, who can play with you the right way!