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Friday, February 22, 2008

Let he who is without Sin(jin)...

No, wait. That won't work!

Okay, well, Sinjin has a dogster page now. But for loyal readers of this blog, it's all stuff you've seen already. Or will see here in a tiny bit.

Speaking of loyal readers. Loyal readers who speak back ... "Good dog, Tucker!" "Please be nice, Tucker!" "You're doing a good thing, Tucker!"


This little place already had two more dogs than it needed. There's Gremlin lying around....

By the way, she thanks you for your concern. She's doing better. She can get up by herself whenever she wants, now. The dokker gave the Human Assistant pain pills for her. Cram-it-all. They seem to help.

And then there's Lucy. More about her in a minute.

So with a lying-around dog and a wag-waggy dog, it's not like there was lots of room to take on another big furball.

So like I said last time, I'm making sure the H.A. sees what a problem Sinjin is. (And making sure the dog has plenty of opportunities to be a problem!)

Sinjin sniffing the stove
Aww, go ahead ... surf!
Sinjin sniffing the fridge
Look inside the fridge!
Sinjin sniffing the food bin
Sinjin:  Woo, what's this
Sinjin eating from the food bin
Sinjin:  Supper!

I couldn't get him to stove surf or counter surf, darnit. Or open the fridge or the oven or the microwave. Not yet, anyway. I'll keep working on him.

H.A. left a food bin open while he was dishing out supper. Now I would never have stuck my head in it! But Sinjin did. And ate out of it!

And the human didn't care!

He said the rest of us should just go back to our bowls. Sinjin was a little confused about which bowl he should eat out of. (Not mine!) So H.A. just let him chow down out of the bin!

But I think I have him on this other deal. Remember when Lucy walked through a puddle of black stuff? And tracked it into the house? Get a load of this!

Sinjin lying on oil stains
Sinjin:  No, my bladder's healthy.
Sinjin lying on oil stains again
Sinjin:  Why do you ask?
Lucy lying on oil stains
Lucy:   I didn't do it!
Lucy lying on oil stains again
Lucy:  My conscience is clean.

The H.A. hasn't quite got around to cleaning up the oil. Lucy walked through it ... Sinjin musta laid in it or something! Woooo-ee!

H.A. has sent email to the people who adopted Sequoia. They had said they'd be interested in more Sibes.  Heh heh heh!  It won't be long now!


Okay, yes I would go after food in a bin. I mean, he left it open...!


Kapp pack said...

Hang in there, Tucker! You and the H.A. are doing a great thing by helping other doggies! Hopefully your house will be back to normal soon!

Woo woo, KA

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh Tukhker!

Someday, you'll be Sinjin's age and The HA will allow you the same wiggle room!!

BTW, if woo don't stop writing about him SO MUCH, we are gonna think woo really DO like HIM!!!


Minky said...

Heh, heh! I know Benny tried to get rid of Moe, Benny and Moe tried to get rid of me, we all tried to get rid of Slappy, and now we're all trying to get rid of Tippy! So I feel your pain, Tucker, but I'm afraid your efforts may be in vain!

Holly said...

Wow, that should be fun to clean up!!!

Wow, eating right out of the food bin!! I wish my humans would let ME do that!