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Friday, February 8, 2008


The Human Assistant stayed up late Wednesday night to write a new MaxFund blurb about Lucy. It won't show up for a few days.

But then you'll see it here. It will have a link to her dogster page. So you will know when you see the new one.

Then, by amazing coincidence, somebody emailed H.A. Thursday morning and asked about adopting Lucy! Obviously they were waiting for some cosmic sign. Lucy was on the shelter website before she came here as a weekend guest ... 10 weeks ago!

We'll have to see whether the woman actually wants to meet Lucy. When H.A. told her Lucy weighs 50 pounds, she decided that Lucy was too big for her condo-minimum. It turns out that she has as much inside space as the four of us do!

Pretty close, anyway. Since H.A. has so much stuff piled around that we can't use about a room and a half.

And she likes to go for long walks. Yeah, little dogs are good for that ... if you carry them!  ::big Husky smile::

Tucker and Lucy on the same pad

Here's a picture hot off the camera. Less than 15 hours ago, anyway.

H.A. was really excited because I've never, ever willingly shared a bed with another dog! On the human bed I have occasionally let another dog up after being sure to snarl at them and the H.A. too, for good measure.

This time I came in from outside. Lucy was on my favorite near-​the-​computer pad. There was room on my favorite side. So I plopped down.

I'm not sure it was worth a picture. But H.A. says it goes into Lucy's file to show that she gets along with other dogs.

Well, if it helps my little black friend, I guess it's okay.


Wait!  What did I just call Lucy???


Kathryn and Ari said...

Hi, Tucker-
Great to meet you. I love the picture of the two of you: you both look so cozy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tucker,

If Lucy leaves, will you miss her? Even just a little bit?


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Silly Ari's mom - we all KNOW it is KHOZY!



Minky said...

Aww! You love Lucy, Tucker! Admit it! She is a very lovable girl.

Kapp pack said...

Tucker, are you going soft on us????

Woo woo, KA