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Friday, February 8, 2008

Rottie Round-up

So far the Sibe of the Month Club seems to be inactive. But another breed has been showing up at the MaxFund shelter. Rotties!

I think that's short for Rotten, Mean Dog with no Tail.

I would be mean and rotten too if some human cut off my tail! But it didn't seem to affect Gremlin. She's half Rottweiler.

MaxFund's Gretel
MaxFund's Beauty
MaxFund's Medusa
MaxFund's Gabby
MaxFund's Ben
MaxFund's Bonnie & Claude
Bonnie & Claude

So MaxFund had 7 Rotties a few days ago when the Human Assistant was at the shelter. Gabby is in a foster home. But he took pictures of the others.

Gretel was just coming into the shelter the day he was there. I apologize for his pictures of doggies behind bars. I don't like to see them like that. But that's all he had time for that day.

Ben lost his toes on that one paw in a "run-in" with a car. But it looks like he's doing okay.

Bonnie & Claude were rough, tough Rotties barking at the world through their kennel gate. Until they got a Milk-Bone or two! Then they were H.A.'s best friends. He tried to take a picture of Bonnie begging for tummy rubs with her head in his lap. But it didn't turn out so good.

Anyway. That's what was going on at MaxFund that day.

-- photo of Gabby by Nicole Howard



Kapp pack said...

We hope they all find furever homes soon!

Woo woo, KA

Indy said...

Rotties are so beautiful. My mom has had a soft spot for them since she helped to rehome a Husky/Rottie mix 2 summers ago (http://indyscorner.blogspot.com/2006/06/adventures-with-meeko.html). Thank Dog a MaPaw foster home that had Huskies and a Rottie fostered him!