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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pure Rocky Mountain spring water

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Last hour's trivia answer:  The industrious students at the Colorado School of Mines put an M on Mount Zion right around 99 years ago. Powered, one suspects, by the "pure Rocky Mountain spring water" in the beer from the Coors brewery in the same town.

This hour's trivia question:  Identify this building:

Not the greatest picture, but if ya know it, ya know it.

Next hour's trivia category:  Miscellaneous!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo tucker and ed....

Oh that is cool about the kids at the School of Mines. Humm.. that is an interesting looking photo. Will have to try to figure that one out.


Benny said...

I don't know...but it looks like it would be hard to pee on!!

Tucker said...

It's pretty tall, Benny. But it has to sit on the ground. So there's probably someplace for you to pee!

-- Ed

Copper aka slappy said...

Benny looked at that little photo and thought those sharp points might poke his tender parts. He's kind of literal-minded.

That's the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs!!

Benny said...

Literal-minded? That's mighty fancy talk coming from an attention-seeking newcomer who tried to push me off the top of the stairs the other night!