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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Post-Blogathon blog posting

Tucker:  We are back!
mr_ed:  Sorta. My eyes are burning - I think I let them get too dry while staring at the computer all night.
Tucker:  We have visited some other blogs.
mr_ed:  Yeah, I just didn't have time to poke around while we were posting every half hour. If we could have been more prepared, it would have cut down some of the work that needed doing while we posted.
Tucker:  Weren't the other bloggers done too?
mr_ed:  The ones we visited started at a different time, so they're still going. Less than two hours for them now, though. Keep at it, folks!
Tucker:  Did we do good?
mr_ed:  I'd say so. I wanted to do even more, but we beat what we would have done if we'd slept through the night!
Tucker:  So we're done?
There's still time to pledge to MaxFund!

There's still time to pledge!

mr_ed:  Not quite yet. There are some pledges I want to make for other 'Thonners, and then we gotta get premiums and prizes matched up with their winners. So, no. Stuff to do, yet.
Tucker:  Tonight?
mr_ed:  I think I'll take a break and go get some dinner.
Tucker:  Do I get a chew bone while you're gone?
mr_ed:  No.
Tucker:  Awooo !  Rrruff ruff !  Awooo !
mr_ed:  Maybe.
Tucker:  That's better!  ::big Husky grin::
mr_ed:  Later, gator!
Tucker:  Chow!


newsong said...

Thanks for the comment! As far as a clean looking blog, what's the use of writing if people can't read it?

I laughed at your last entry, I'll have to put you on my post-thon reading list.

I actually had a kind friend pledge that last $50, so I've now made it to $1000! Hopefully someone will come along and push it just over so I can say I exceeded my goal :D


newsong said...

Thanks for the donation! I got you back! :D

Anonymous said...


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