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Monday, July 23, 2007

There's Husky News Tonight!

Tucker:  Yesterday I read the news. I will tell you about it!

Husky Oil Plant Catches Fire

A long time ago there was a bush that caught fire but didn't burn. Or it burned but didn't catch fire. Something. But this plant caught fire and burned!

I would not let my plant burn! I'd pee on it right away! But the news said that it was an electrical part of the plant that burned. I didn't know plants had electrical parts! The Human Assistant said it's dangerous to pee on electrical fires so maybe that's why they let it burn.

I don't know what kind of oil this plant has. I know that H.A. gives us salmon oil. That's really the only kind I know about. Huskies and some other dogs like salmon! So maybe this Husky has a salmon plant. With an electrical part.

Thank goodness the plant isn't completely dead! The news said they can still get some oil out of it. Salmon oil is good and stinky! Maybe that will cover up the smoky smell. But ... H.A. says humans like to eat smoky salmon. Maybe they can sell the smoky salmon for more money than the smoky oil and pay a plant dokker to make the plant feel better while it heels.

(I've heard that plants can heel. I think H.A. might be joking about that, though.)

Kennel Gets Air Conditioning

This story is about a kennel called Husky Injection Molding. I think it's owned by scientists that make dog medicine. Molding bread used to be a way to make medicine for infections. And then dokkers would stick it in you.

But Dog Medicine Making sounds too scientific for a kennel! And naturally they breed their favorite dogs, Huskies. So they called the kennel Husky Injection Molding.

Anyway, the news said that H.I.M. "is one of the largest suppliers of hot runners." Maybe the dogs are too wooly! Or they don't blow their coats even in summer.

But the kennel bought another company and so is "adding temperature controllers." That's good news! Or as the Human Assistant would say, "Cool, man!"

Humans Play in Husky Clans

There are lots of stories about humans teaming up in clans that have Huskies as totems. You have get past news about oil and air conditioning. But it's there.

Most Husky clans are at schools. Humans are pack animals anyway. (They learned this from dogs.) But schoolchildren need extra help in knowing how to dress, what music to like, and who to fight when they're drunk.

Except for the clothes, music, and drinking, this is just like dogs!

There are Husky clans at universities in Connecticut and Washington. Also at high schools in Hamilton Heights, at Hemlock High, in Breckenridge, and probably many others.

After all, Huskies are athletic ... and good-looking too! Just like schoolchildren want to be! ::big Husky grin::


Anonymous said...

We love the Husky News and think it should be a regular feature on TV!

< Garrett Morris voice > THE TOP STORY TONIGHT ... Woof, woof, woof, woof!

Benny, Moey, and Minky

Tucker said...

Or, "Ladies and gents, Laugh-In looks at the news!"

What did Dan Rowan say? "And now, here's the man for whom the news wouldn't be the news without the news ... here's Dicky!"

Something like that. :-)

Thanks for the support, little doggie friends!

-- mr_ed