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Friday, July 6, 2007

!!! BLOGATHON 2007 !!!

Woo woo woo woo! [Tucker is swinging his head side to side the way Siberian Huskies do when they're imitating Ray Charles - mr_ed]


We will be blogging for MaxFund No-Kill Animal Shelter! The Human Assistant says that will be on Chew-Lie 28 and 29. Which he says means a lot more days. We have signed up! But we don't show up yet. ::snort:: Maybe after a long nap tonight.


H.A. said he would put tape for ducks around my muzzle today. I said That's not allowed! and he said Right - you won't be aloud!

Woo would think he was mad at my howwwling. But he made the stupid joke because he was mad at my chewing. I told woo about the checkbook. Since then I took down his Blogging for Dummies book. I chewed off a corner all the way through.

And he found stamps on the floor. How did those get there? And later I took down a magazine. But I only got it slobbery before he found me. So he wants to use ducks' tape so I can't open my mouth. But he hasn't done it yet. He would be sad if he couldn't hear me sing!

I'm tired. The puppy has been bothering me. I'll tell woo about that another time. Good night! Lots of kitties for woo to chase in your dreams!

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