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Monday, July 9, 2007

Plush Toys for Pledges

Pledge a donation to MaxFund

Please make a pledge to MaxFund No-kill Animal Shelter, which cares for sick and injured pets that are homeless!

MaxFund no-kill animal shelter

Tucker:   Woo didn't spell "Human Assistant" right.  In that last blog.
mr_ed:   Didn't I?  ;-)  The 12 buttons on that phone make it hard to type.  But it works, more or less.
Tucker:   Why was "fork" in there?
mr_ed:   The screen got washed out in the sunlight.  Hard to see what I was typing.  But indoors I couldn't get a signal.  As me mammy used to say, "You pays yer money and takes yer choice."
Tucker:   Mine never said that.
mr_ed:   I s'pose not.  Mine actually said "churss," and I don't know why.  But speaking of money and choices, we should offer some bri ... that is, incentives ... to get pledges going for Blogathon.  I have a bunch of stuffed animals I could give away.
Tucker:  Mine!  Where are they?  I'm King of the Stuffies!  All stuffies are mine!  Where are they?
mr_ed:  You can't play with them.  Sponsors will want to tear them up themselves, not have you do it for them.
Tucker:  ::snort::  Mine.
mr_ed:  You've never seen them, so you'll never miss them.  And I might get you all some new ones.  
Tucker:  Just me.  I will take them away from the others.
mr_ed:  I know.  I think Jaeger's left front leg still hurts him, but it's hard to tell now that you've nipped a piece out of his right front leg.  He's a guest from MaxFund, and you cost them some veterinary work!  So we're going to raise money for them with Blogathon.
Tucker:  I'm King of the Stuffies!  Get rid of him.
mr_ed:  We have to find him a good home first.  Let's give him some publicity here on the blog!  I'll bet it will get him adopted sooner.
Tucker:  Grrr.  Okay.  What kind of stuffies do you have?
mr_ed:  Small, medium, large, and jumbo.  We'll have to set pledge levels to match.  Any ideas?  Besides give them all to you?
Tucker:  Half now and half later.
mr_ed:  Treat?  Did you say you want a treat?
Tucker:  Treat!  Treat!  Gimme treat!

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