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Saturday, July 28, 2007

BLOGATHON 2007 !!!

mr_ed:  We're off and running!
Tucker:  On King! On you huskies!
mr_ed:  That's my line.
Tucker:  ::Big husky grin::
mr_ed:  I had trouble sleeping. Excited and anxioius. How about you?
Tucker:  When's breakfast?
mr_ed:  We're going to post every half hour for 24 hours during Blogathon 2007!
Tucker:  I'm hungry.
mr_ed:  Tucker is wearing his MaxFund tee shirt to help encourage pledges for MaxFund no-kill animal shelter!
Pledge to MaxFund!

Tucker:  I didn't make that mess.
mr_ed:  I've decided we'll have Colorado trivia questions every hour, on the half-hour.
Tucker:  Puppy did it.
mr_ed:  Beanie Babies as prizes!
Tucker:  I am King of the Stuffies!
mr_ed:  But we have a few too many, so we'll share.
Tucker:  Fine. Feed me first this time.
mr_ed:  Then you finish first and eat the puppy's food.
Tucker:  I'm bigger. I need more.
mr_ed:  You're bigger, and you need less! For now, let's get this, err, puppy posted!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Good Morning Tucker! I am glad your internet is up and running. Hey, did your dad get my mom's email yesterday about her pledge amount. She increased it and wanted to make sure it showed up right for you!

You look great in that shirt!!!


Turbo the Sibe said...

Feed Tucker. He's starving!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Good luck Tucker! We'll try to check in with your blog all day and night and maybe answer some trivia questions! My dad LOVES Colorado, so maybe he can help us!

Steve and Kat

Tucker said...

Woo is me! I am starving!

Sitka, Mr. Human Assistant says it arrived, and we thank woo! But now woo is in the next category up for premiums. Instead of a Teenie Beanie, woo gets a Beanie Baby. Or something of that size.

I hope he gets to typing faster so he can post about the premiums!

Tami said...

Hello from Redmond, WA, Mr. Ed and Tucker!! I'm sitting in a hospital lobby cheering you on!!

So are you blogging from the shelter, or were there no kennels open? ;)