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Monday, July 30, 2007

Hi ho and all that jazz

mr_ed:  I'm glad the weather broke for Blogathon.
Tucker:  I didn't do it. Why are you glad it's broken?
mr_ed:  I mean it wasn't hot like it had been, and we didn't get another electrical storm to crash our zippy fiber-optic ISP again.
Tucker:  Dialing into AOL was not fun.
mr_ed:  Yeah. Still lame after all these years!
Tucker:  Like you.
mr_ed:  Different kind of lame. I got hit by a car and took care of it. AOL got hit by a ton of money and never figured out that getting good money should mean giving good service in return. But oh well.
Tucker:  Oh well, AOHell.
mr_ed:  Heh. It's been a while since I've heard that. Thank goodness!
Tucker:  Thank dog!
mr_ed:  I hope it stays cool - I have lots of things to catch up on, and it's so hard to get things done in the heat. Are you going to help?
Tucker:  Of course! I will look handsome!
mr_ed:  Yeaahhh.... That won't help.
Tucker:  I will be your role model for masculinity! You will get stronger watching me sternly control whether Jaeger and puppy can go out and come in!
mr_ed:  By lying in an inconvenient place on the kitchen floor?
Tucker:  Work smart, not hard.
mr_ed:  Good point. I'd better get at it. "Miles to go before I sleep," and all that.
Tucker:  You're getting Miles Davis to go? Can you get me some wolf singing?
mr_ed:  I'll look into it.
Tucker:  Thank wooo!

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Holly said...

So, why doesn't your human just can the AOHell, and get cable internet? It's so much better and very quick! Dial-up is for humans stuck in the last century! :-)