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Saturday, July 28, 2007

'Member this!

Tucker:  It's good you came back. Jaeger and Gremlin were rampaging through the house.
mr_ed:  Oh? It doesn't look like it.
Tucker:  I tried to clean up. Except for puppy's mess.
mr_ed:  Did you, now? When I left, you were in your crate and the door was latched. When I got back, you were in your crate and the door was latched and you were howling and barking like ... like I don't know what to be let out.
Tucker:  So?
mr_ed:  So if you could get out to clean, why couldn't you get out to say hello and get a drink of water?
Tucker:  I, uh, don't want you to worry that I can get out.
mr_ed:  And chew up books and magazines and mail and whatnot.
Tucker:  Like the puppy!
mr_ed:  Can't say that I've seen her tearing apart books. But anyway, here's a bulletin:

Mamas, misses, and men of means maintain it's mean to monkey with mice in Manhattan.

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Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

ha roo.. that is a good bulletin!