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Friday, July 13, 2007

Hsiao Ch'u ... Gesundheit!

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Tucker: You didn't do much today.
mr_ed, Human Assistant: Yes I did! Especially considering how crummy I felt when I got up!
Tucker: You did a little of this and a little of that.
mr_ed: Ah, Grasshopper, through small accumulations is the great built up ... I Ching hexagram 9, Hsiao Ch'u.
Tucker: Do you see me scratching?
mr_ed: Well, no.
Tucker: Then I'm not eetching and I don't need any hexa-whatever. It sounds like it tastes bad. Or it's something you'd put a cone on my head for.
mr_ed: Ah. Well, it's a book.
Tucker: Then maybe I would taste it. But there haven't been any grasshoppers yet. Jaeger and Mystique would be chasing them like they do flies.
mr_ed: Anyway. We got Blogathon links on the MaxFund website! That will help tons when people visit online. And we got a profile for you here on Blogger.
Tucker: Huh. I can't show my birthday.
mr_ed: No, another dumb blogsite that requires you to be 13, like Gremlin. But your picture is there!
Tucker: My grumpy picture.
mr_ed: One of your grumpy pictures. We don't really have any of you smiling and wagging your tail. We can change the profile when we get one. If we get one.
Tucker: Don't take a picture right now because you're making me grumpy again.
mr_ed: How are you feeling? For a couple of days it sounded like the leftover whatever from that pneumonia last fall was making you cough and sneeze again. Did the Prednisone help?
Tucker: What Pregna Zone? I'm a male. I don't go to stores for [female dogs] carrying puppies.
mr_ed: Watch out - I think you're getting a little cone-tentious. We have two of them, you know.
Tucker: Snort. All right. What else did you manage to do today?
mr_ed: Did I feed you?
Tucker: Yeah.
mr_ed: Twice?
Tucker: Yeah.
mr_ed: And you ate out of the puppy's bowl?
Tucker: She was done with it!
mr_ed: And did I wrap your pill in sliced turkey?
Tucker: ::suspicious look:: There was a pill in there?
mr_ed: And did I give you a treat bone?
Tucker: I always go right to my crate when you get those out!
mr_ed: All right then, mister liver-nose, that's about all I'm accountable to you for. That and water and letting you go out and in when you want and a nice big stuffed pad to sleep on at night.
Tucker: Puppy pulls the stuffing out. She crawls inside to do it! And the pad is lumpy when you put it back in. And now Gremlin is barking and wooing. She says it's time for treats.
mr_ed: Okay, I'll get the sliced turkey.
Tucker: I'll spit the pill out!
mr_ed: It's what makes you feel better and not cough and snork and sneeze and stuff.
Tucker: That and sinus massages. I really like those!
mr_ed: I know, my dear handsome Husky. I'm glad I can do something you enjoy like that. Want some turkey now?
Tucker: Gimme treats, gimme treats, gimme treats treats treats!
mr_ed: You got it!


Anonymous said...

Woo Tucker... I wanted to let you know that I took your blog logo and cut and pasted it, then put it on my blog linking to you. Hope that is cool with you!

Holly said...

Hey Tucker! I have tagged you for a cool game! Stop over at my blog for details.

Do you have allergies? We are all suffering here at my house. We are all itchy and the humans can't figure out why.


DustyDoodles said...

Tucker dude!!!

Go sniff out my blog (www.dustydoodles.blogspot.com)!!! I gived you an award!! You is awesome!!!

Doodles Out!!

Kittyn said...

Tucker, I love looking at you! I hope you continue to blog now that I've added you to my blogrolL!