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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Sitting In Tonight....

I'm mr_ed (Mister Ed), Tucker's human assistant. He wanted to talk about a group that's protesting dogs being chained up, but he's cranky and tired after the hot day in Denver today.

I volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter. Don't tell Tucker, but when we do Blogathon 2007, I think we'll be blogging while we're locked in the shelter for 24 hours!

This shelter took in three Siberian Huskies lately. (Not all at the same time, though.) I was surprised. It's not unusual to see purebred Sibes in shelters, but our place is small. The second and third ones to come in got adopted quickly, but the first little red and white boy is still there. :-(

Not for long, I hope. He needs to be out running and chasing other Sibes and enjoying himself. Tucker wouldn't like to have him here, I don't think. But no danger of that - we have one or two too many dogs right now as it is.

I'd better get my beauty sleep. The dogs always seem to want breakfast before noon....!

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