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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pledge Premiums

Pledge a donation to MaxFund

Please make a pledge to MaxFund - a no-kill animal shelter and low-cost vet clinic - which cares for sick and injured pets that are homeless!

MaxFund no-kill animal shelter

mr_ed, Tucker's Human Assistant: I don't want Tucker to think about the stuffies we'll be giving away, so I'm sneaking in a post without him!

When you send in your pledge payment (to MaxFund directly, not to me or to Blogathon) MaxFund and I will send you a gently-used stuffed animal. These can be given to your own real-life animals as toys, but many-to-most still have their tags and are suitable for display in a knick-knack cabinet if not the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. ;-)

Quantities are limited! Heh. Don't you love that? They never mention what the limit is. Did they get a train-load of 'em cheap? Well, I'll tell you exactly what I have, essentially, more or less.

A while back I decided I needed a Ty Beanie Baby toy. Then a few more. Then some in different sizes. Then some from companies besides Ty. I got on a kick that was really more like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder than just a wild shopping spree. Most of these poor animals, at least 220 of them, lie quietly in my closet - abandoned and waiting for new homes. What better premiums for donating to an animal shelter? Here's the breakdown:

Pledge Amount Quantity Premium Category
$10 ~20 TB (Teenie Beanie)
$24 ~180 BB ("Beanie Baby")
$48 ~30 BC ("Beanie Classic")
$100 2 JU (Jumbo)

Okay, getting that table to work just broke all my other posts - I'll fix them later.

Teenie Beanie (TB)
These are genuine Ty Corporation Teenie Beanies that came with McDonalds Happy Meals. Originally they were in plastic bags, but mine were all taken out before I got them. Teenie Beanies didn't have a paper tag stapled to their ear, but all still do have the cloth tag Ty sewed into a seam.

"Beanie Baby" (BB)
The majority of these are genuine Ty Beanie Babies though there are some Gund and maybe a few other brands. Many-to-most of the true Beanie Babies still have their paper tag attached. Some tags already had a protector on them and are in great condition. Others didn't, and the tag may be fine or may be rumpled, but I put protectors on them.

"Beanie Classic" (BC)
These are larger than Beanie Babies, and some are from a product line that Ty calls Beanie Classics. A couple are from another of their lines, though I forget what it's called. And several are from other brands. Some of these were made with paper tags that were too big for normal protectors, and some were just plain played with.  :-)  So the tags, if present, are in somewhat random condition.

Jumbo (JU)
These are two large Siberian Huskies. (Stuffed toys - did I mention that? Not real dogs.) One is kind of Disney-like, cartoony, over 33" tall in a sitting position. Classic gray and white "Irish" pattern, 21" at the withers, with soft, long white fur on the chest and cheeks. The other is fairly realistic in design, black and white "Irish," standing, 20" at the withers and over 25" high overall.

Their ears - well, their ears don't stand up. Maybe they're both growing pups, and the cartilage hasn't firmed up yet.  :-)  I'll post photos of them in a day or two.

These two husky Huskies will be snagged by the two largest pledges over $100. Provided that the sponsors actually pay up on their promises, of course!  :-)

There are almost no duplicates. I'd like sponsors to be able to select what they get, so we'll go with "earliest paid, earliest choice" (except for the Jumbos, where it'll be "most paid, first choice.")

However, the variety is huge. And I don't have time to photograph and post them all. I'll do my best to accommodate you if you mention one or two of the following categories:
  • African wildlife;
  • aquatic wildlife;
  • Arctic wildlife;
  • Australian wildlife;
  • birds;
  • cats;
  • dogs;
  • dragons;
  • farm animals;
  • horses;
  • North American wildlife;
  • sea mammals;
  • Teddy bears; and
  • bugs and other stuff (including one Halloween ghost)
Some of these critters can be in more than one category (roosters, orcas). I'll try to work with you, and later on I'll post more info about how many are in each category ... like, there are only three horses, and they're all BB size.

Eligibility is retroactive to the first day of Blogathon 2007. That is, if you've already made a pledge, you can get a premium. When you pay.  ;-)  And as I mentioned, you make the payment to MaxFund directly, not to me or to Blogathon).

I need to take a food break, so this is end of this blog post. If you have a question or comment at this point, you can leave a comment to this entry or send me email!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...can donations to Maxfund be made by Paypal?

Tucker said...

At the moment, no. But I made MaxFund promise to join the late 20th Century before I agreed to blog for them. I ranted and raved in the online forum for volunteers. (I do non-computer volunteer work there, too.)

They agreed to implement PayPal "before Blogathon," but I haven't heard any updates. Tonight I'll ask how it's progressing. [mr_ed]

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We put a link to your blog on ours. In the next few days, we'll mention you in a post to try to get you some more donations! We're doing blogathon too, so if you want to link to us, we'd appreciate it!! We're blogging for Adopt a Husky of Dallas.

Steve and Kat