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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Counter(-intuitive) Surfing

Awooo! Tucker here! I want to talk about surfing counters. Lots of dogs do it. Lots of Siberian Huskies fur sure! Well, we don't play fetch. If the human assistants want the ball so bad, why do they throw it over there???

On the other paw, they leave the good stuff on counters. They want it, we want it. They think we can't get it because they didn't leave it on the table. (Remember the Thanksgiving turkey?)

Human assistants really aren't very smart. Sibes are athletes even when we mostly hold down the couch and gain a little weight. H.A.s know this in one part of their brain but not in the part that does the thinking. We have smaller brains. So the part that remembers and the part that thinks are closer together. Facts don't get lost going from one place to the other.

Now then. The four of us dogs here don't counter surf. Fur one thing, human assistant doesn't leave the really good stuff unguarded. He does leave boxes of doggie treats on the counter. But he gives us enough that we don't have to get them ourselves. That would make him more cautious!

Yesterday I blew it. I thought I smelled turkey on the counter. I put my paws up there to check it out. But he had put it away. And he saw me! Woo is me! But he just told me to get down.

Today he fixed food from The Honest Kitchen. It's dehydrated raw stuff and it really stinks good! H.A. has to mix it with water and let it sit awhile. Usually I howl at him so he remembers to dish it up. But today I decided not to wait. It was on the counter. He was in another room. Woo hoo!

But my paw knocked a plastic cup on the floor. He heard it and told me to get down. Phooey woo! But he fed it to us anyway.

Another reason I don't counter surf is to spend more time looking for paper. I really like to chew books, magazines, mail, and notepads. But I gotta find where they are so I'll remember when I need some.

Today H.A. went out front without me. He knows I love to go out and sniff around! And he opened car doors! It was starting to rain and he made the windows go up. But I love to jump in the car! I don't even mind if I have to jump back out again. But he went out to the car without me! Howl cruel!

While he was out there I found a checkbook on the computer desk. ::big husky smile:: Maybe next time his memory and his thinking will work together better!

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