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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Tucker: Thelma and Theo have thornbirds. They think that their 30 thornbirds make a thick flock in their thatched-roof hut. In the thinned-out forest. In Thailand.

Tucker is blogging for MaxFund!

Blogging for MaxFund!


Holly said...

Birds are very tasty! I like to catch them out of the air and eat them.

Can you have Thelma and Theo send me some of those tasty Thornbirds? I've never tried one of those. As long as they are really thorny that is, cuz that might not work too well on my tongue.

Tucker said...

I don't know where Thailand is. I don't know what a thornbird is! Sometimes H.A. tells me to do something and I just do it.

I know that this isn't the Siberian Way. But sometimes it gets me more treats or rides that way.

I think you have to be careful about thornbirds. I saw some of them are called Greater Thornbirds. That means that some of them must be Worser Thornbirds.

I don't know which is which! There were no pictures! :-(