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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Friends, dogs, and charity

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mr_ed, Tucker's Human Assistant: It's late, and all the dogs are sacked out. So I'll just fill in for Tucker briefly.

I've put a couple of blogrolls (lists of worthy blogs) on the right. One is for many (but not all) of the folks who will be posting every half hour for 24 hours during Blogathon 2007. Strictly for charity, though one of the moderators on the Penny Arcade forum had trouble understanding that.

The other blogroll is for people and dogs from SIBERNET who have blogs. This list is probably very incomplete, and I'll ask for more entries. Anyone who has a Siberian Husky or twelve and isn't on this forum is missing out on friendship, emotional support, and a great storehouse of knowledge!


I got most but not all the stuffed toys inventoried. Tons of them! But I can't find some cats that I had. Annoying, because MaxFund helps dogs and cats, and I have only a couple of cats to give as premiums. It won't take long to finish the inventory and make sure that I have enough goodies for four levels of pledges.


A few hours ago I finished reading a light novel where the main character is a professional dog photographer, and it made me think of Nicole Howard, who volunteers her time to take pictures of the dogs available for adoption at MaxFund. We are so lucky to have Nicole as a resource - it improves the shelter's online presence by a factor of about a zillion!

Jaeger is asleep on my bed, and the puppy is nearby, waiting for me to head that way. Time to take some vitamin Z.


Turbo the Sibe said...

I got my stupid Human to help out. We'll be tuning in to help keep you awake!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hi, we donated to your blogathon! Good luck. We were thinking about doing blogathon for Adopt a Husky of Dallas, but we haven't signed up yet. I guess we're running out of time!

Steve and Kat

Tucker said...

There's still time if you're more organized than Tucker and I am! :-)