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Sunday, July 29, 2007

He dropped the ball

mr_ed:  Robert Redford ...
Tucker:  Redfurred
mr_ed:  ... dropped out of the University of Colorado but attended a couple of other schools before going on to be a hit on TV, stage, and screen.

Last hour's trivia answer:  General William Jackson Palmer (retired) founded Colorado Springs as a resort destination for his Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. It was sometimes called, "Newport of the Rockies."

This hour's trivia question:  The U.S. Army built and tested sleds, and tested and trained sled dogs, in a spectacular location that is much more famous for being the home to an elite WWII combat unit that is now based in New York. And they are...?

Next hour's trivia category:  Miscellaneous.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Pretty sled dogs of Alberta Canada owned by Karen Ramsted.

I know that is wrong, but that's all I could think of at this hour.