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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hi to friends!

Tucker:  Inky Minky Benny Moe, catch a yapper by the toe!
mr_ed:  Tucker!   Don't make fun of our sponsors!!!
Tucker:  We only have three sponsors. Woo is us!
mr_ed:  No, we have 15 so far. I'm working on listing them - I need to email them and be sure they want to be listed. They may not want you to make fun of their names, you big....
Tucker:  Siberian Huskies are known for being playful.
mr_ed:  True. By people who know them. But not by the intelligence tests in Professor Stanley Coren's books.
Tucker:  Right. We don't care about some stupid stranger's ball. And we won't fetch. That's not playing. That's kissing up to some dorky human who has nothing to offer us.
mr_ed:  And Sibes have to know what's in it for them.
Tucker:  You make that sound like a bad thing. It's also why many of us don't lower ourselves to going up to strangers with our tails wagging off.
mr_ed:  Yes, that loses Sibes points on intelligence tests.
Tucker:  It's intelligent to be a Lab? ::cough:: We also don't scare off burglars. They might find the treats for us and share!
mr_ed:  It's hard to figure out what a Siberian Husky is good for.
Tucker:  Grrr
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mr_ed:  Getting back to our friends and others being nice to us ... I'm behind on responding to the comments that have been left for us.
Tucker:  You're very disorganized.
mr_ed:  True. But a neuropsychologist said my left frontal lobe is underfunctioning, so I have an excuse.
Tucker:  Is that puppy's excuse too? She gets a toy. She leaves it outside. She gets another toy. She leaves it on the big pad. She gets another toy. Carries it around.
mr_ed:  And you tear apart books and magazines and notepads - that could be seen as reflecting a disorganized state of mind.
Tucker:  Entropy. It's the law.
mr_ed:  Good grief. You don't know anything about physics!
Tucker:  Do too. And fortune tellers, who work at banks. And mediums. They keep cars that go one way from running into cars that go the other way.
mr_ed:  Also, we have received some nice comments and haven't responded to them. I especially want to thank Hollybollyboo.
Tucker:  She's a Mal. That's short for Maladjustment.
mr_ed:  Malamute. And you just insulted another sponsor.
Tucker:  Just playin' Holly! ::big northern-breed grin::
mr_ed:  I also want to say hi to Jonathon, who happens to like you - so don't insult him.
Tucker:  Isn't he the puppy's human?
mr_ed:  As a matter of fact, yes.

puppy playing with Tucker Tucker:  Tell him to come get her. She is so annoying.
mr_ed:  You don't even like it when she's pestering Jaeger, do you?
Tucker:  It's the alpha's job to keep peace in the pack.
mr_ed:  They're just playing. Anyway, he'll take her as soon as he can - he misses her!
Tucker:  I miss her too. When I snap at her. Sometimes she still goes yip! and runs off. Which is good.
mr_ed:  I think we'd better wrap this up before we annoy more of our friends.
Tucker:  Don't blame me! Can't blame a dog for doing what dogs do!
mr_ed:  Anyone...
Tucker:  ...or anydog...
mr_ed:  ... who's doing Blogathon for a charity that works for animal welfare - send me email ! if you're not on the blogroll here in Tucker's sidebar. I'm still working on that list too.
Tucker:  And everydoggy sponsor us to raise money for MaxFund no-kill animal shelter!


Turbo the Sibe said...

Medium! Har! That's funny!!!

Holly said...

Maladjusted? Hmmm, I might have to think on that one. Mom calls me bossy, a brute (even though I'm a girl), selfish, and demanding. Hey, it's part of just who I am, and as long as I'm in charge of this house I will be just the way I want. Right Tucker!?!

And another great thing huskies are good for is ENTERTAINMENT! Samuel is constantly entertaining us with his totally freakish behavior!