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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why we're here

More to come later, but for now a slight, quick repeat from last week:

Pledge a donation to MaxFund

mr_ed:  Tucker and I will be blogging every half hour for 24 hours during Blogathon 2007. When you make a pledge to sponsor us, you're betting that we can't do it! Hah!  :-)

Check out the MaxFund no-kill animal shelter, read about Blogathon in general, and let us tell you about the thank-you gifts you can get for sponsoring us.

MaxFund has a mission of caring for pets that are sick or injured and have no home, and four Siberian Huskies have come to the shelter recently. Two have been adopted, one is very ready for his new home, and one is a puppy with only three legs - and one of those is broken!

With care and time, Francesca will also heal up and be going to a new family! In the meantime, a pledge for MaxFund will help pay the bills for all the animals at MaxFund that just need a little extra love and care.



Chris said...

Hi there Mr Ed (and co.)

I just wanted to say hello and see you on the 'b-shift' of the 'thon.


Chris :D

Holly said...

Can't wait for blogathon! I am very excited to see what all my pup pals have going on!