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Thursday, July 19, 2007


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mr_ed:  Our friend Meeshka and her devoted fans have done a fantastic job of pledging support to Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue! With Blogathon 2007 still more than a week away, Meeshka has already raised almost twice as much money as she did last year!

Meeshka has agreed to be in my ... I mean, Tucker's ... list of blogs that are raising money for animal-welfare charities. It's "Blogging for animal welfare" over on the right in the sidebar of my ... Tucker's ... blog page, and you may see it on some of the other blogs too.

But Meeshka, definitely Blogathon's top dog, graciously asks that if you'd like to sponsor a blogger with an animal-welfare charity, would you consider one of the others that has less support? Some are in that same list on the right, but many others aren't - I've only included those that asked on the Blogathon forum to be listed.

You can be sure that Meeshka and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue will accept your pledge with thanks if that's your desire! Rescue groups are always faced with great need, and resources are eternally slim. But this is true for other animal causes as well.

Meeshka - and her human woman - as well as Tucker and I, thank you for your caring!

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Holly said...

Meeshka was one of my inspirations to begin blogging (Indy and Turbo were the others) and I am very happy to support her, and you and Steve and Kat too. I love spending my humans money for animal stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

Woo Tucker - I agree with Miss Holly too! We love supporting our friends! Can't wait to see what all your talk about next weekend, ha roo. It is almost here!