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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Move 'em, move 'em move 'em - keep them dogies movin'

Blogathon 2007

for MaxFund no-kill animal shelter

We'll get some fancy badges and stuff up later, okay? 

Tucker: Here we are.
mr_ed, Human Assistant: Here we are.
Tucker: All moved and everything.
mr_ed: Bummer that Myspace only lets other Myspacers comment on blogs.
Tucker: Like those women with the large body parts.
mr_ed: Another thing that cracks me up about their profiles is that they say they're new to the area and want to be shown around.
Tucker: So?
mr_ed: The posts come from China. It would hurt my macho dignity to admit that I'm not familiar with that little neighborhood.
Tucker: I never want to move to China. I've moved too much.
mr_ed: Why don't you talk about that - where were you born?
Tucker: I dunno.
mr_ed: Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?
Tucker: I dunno.
mr_ed: Okay, start with what you know.
Tucker: When I was one or two I was at a Siberian Husky rescue. Then a family adopted me.
mr_ed: That's good!
Tucker: Then seven years later they dumped me at a county shelter.
mr_ed: That's not good!
Tucker: It was strange. Why then? Why there? They agreed to take me back to the rescue when they adopted me. If they ever didn't want me anymore.
mr_ed: So that's at least three moves already - to the rescue, to the family, and to the shelter. Then what happened?
Tucker: I still had my rescue tag on my collar. So they came and got me from the shelter.
mr_ed: Well, that's good.
Tucker: We were in a big open yard and my fur got sunburned.
mr_ed: That's the fur that's still kind of an orange color.
Tucker: Right. And I got into a fight. They shaved some of my fur. And put in stitches.
mr_ed: Ow. That's all grown back pretty nicely, but it wasn't good to go through. Did you get into any more fights?
Tucker: No. They moved me again. I went to a foster family.
mr_ed: Well that's good!
Tucker: The family was nice. But one of their Sibes gave me evil eyes everytime I was in the same room with her.
mr_ed: Hmmm. Kind of like you do here, sometimes.
Tucker: Grrr.
mr_ed: Just remember who knows how to work the can opener. So was that the worst thing about being in foster?
Tucker: I got the sniffles.
mr_ed: Oh, man, it was worse than that! It was like you had a major-league head cold!
Tucker: I felt miserable!
mr_ed: And then came move number six - I adopted you. You would lie on my bed all day and sneeze up a storm! The walls got pretty dirty! Do you remember going to the doctor a bunch of times? And what he said you had?
Tucker: New monia.
mr_ed: Right. That was very not good!
Tucker: It hardly ever bothers me now.
mr_ed: Yeah, thank dog! That's good. A little trouble in the spring when things were blooming.
Tucker: Would an old monia have been better?
mr_ed: I sure don't know.
Tucker: Isn't it time for medicine and treats now?
mr_ed: You hungry?
Tucker: Does it snow in Siberia?
mr_ed: Never been to Siberia, myself. But I s'pose we could move there and find out.
Tucker: Have you had a tetanus shot lately?
mr_ed: To go to Siberia?
Tucker: Just get the treats!

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